How to Steal and Return a Banned Outfit

It’s Saturday night. There is a big party at the Recreation Center. You have nothing to wear. Sure, there is the same old navy polka-dot knee high dress that brings up the color of your eyes, but you have already worn that five times. There is no time or money to buy anything new.  If you could only have that pink flowing dress your sister bought last week, you would be the queen of the night.  The only problem is that every time you use something that belongs to your sister you break it, stain it, or lose it. She will not let you borrow anything anymore. The following steps and tips will help you get your hands on any banned piece of clothing and return it undetected.

First, make sure your sister will not attend the same event you are planning on going to with her belongings. Then make sure she is not at home at the moment you attempt to extract anything from her bedroom.  Many times sisters suspect you are trying to make a move, and they wait a few seconds to storm back into their bedrooms to catch you on the crime scene.

If the bedroom is locked, use an old credit card or a small party knife to break into the room. Bobby pins don’t work unless you’re a professional. Also, have a small heavy object like a shoe or a book close by. Insert the party knife or the credit card with a sharp movement between the strike plate attached to the door frame and the handle’s deadlatch.  Shuffle your tool slightly until you manage to open the door. The objective should be pushing the deadlatch movable part back inside the door itself. This way you will remove any obstacles that hold the door shut. Take your time. Once you get more practice, it becomes easier.  When you manage to open the door, use your small heavy object to keep the door from shutting itself back.

Once you are inside the bedroom, localize your forbidden piece. If your sister knows you want it, she will probably hide or disguise it from you. Search everywhere carefully, but put everything back in its place to avoid suspicion. Taking a picture of the room with your cell phone or digital camera before you start searching will help you to put everything back perfectly. Be careful with traps your sister may have put around to know if someone goes through her belongings. A very popular trap is placing one or more glasses of water on strategic places that make them easy to stumble with and spill. Look and have replacements handy for transparent scotch-tape or hair placed on closets, cupboards, and drawers you might need to look into.

When you find what you are looking for, take another picture of the way the piece of clothing was hanging or was folded to help cover your tracks later. For best results, put another piece of clothe similar in color and shape to the one that you remove. This will not save you in case you get caught, but at least it will buy you some time if you need it to return the piece. Close and lock the door again, and keep your breaking-in tools available.

Remember to always have an alibi and an accomplice. Parents usually cover you up in exchange of being part of a family conspiracy in which they can feel important. Younger siblings are not such a good choice, as they can easily be bribed or coerced to confess and incriminate you. It is best to tell your parents the truth and have them help you, but if this is not possible, show them another outfit similar to what you will actually be wearing, then change and leave with an overcoat. This way they will be stating a fact without lying, if questioned.

Once you have what you are looking for in your hands, start to get ready immediately. Plan to use accessories or an emergency jacket to cover up or disguise whatever you are wearing, in case there is someone at the event that knows your sister and can tell her what you were wearing. Don’t boast about your outfit and never say where you got it. It is best to keep a low profile.

At the event, be careful not to damage the outfit, especially if you are going to eat or play outdoors. Always carry a quick stain remover and some paper napkins for minor stains. Use a dry deodorant, and preferably put it on after you are wearing the piece to avoid white stains. Do not use perfume or any product that can leave any detectable scent.  Some thread and a needle will also help in case you lose a button.

Be sure to return home before your sister does.  Be alert for any odors that might give you away. Fabreze is usually good to cover any body, smoke, or food odors you might have caught on your night out. If you have to, and if you have enough time, stop at a dry cleaner and wash and press the piece. Then wear it again for a few minutes so it will not look so perfectly clean.

Break into the room again, and put everything back with the use of the pictures you already took. Then pretend nothing happened, and act normal. If you get questioned, deny everything. Use your alibi and your accomplice.

Never reveal the details of your escapade to anyone. It may get to your sister’s ears eventually, and even if she does not retaliate, she may take strongest measures to avoid you from taking anything banned from her room. You know your strategies worked if you never get questioned by your sister or notice any difference whenever you have to repeat the process. With time, it will get easier to steal anything from her over and over. It will mean your skills are growing stronger.

Have fun tonight!

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  1. Hey girl, you were right about this article! It’s hilarious! I love it. You are more mischievous then I thought! Sounds like you have had more then your fair share of practice in this area! You did a great job of covering your tracks & any possible problem areas that may arise from an adventure such as the one you proposed! Great Job!!! Keep me posted when you write more!