The Switch To Clean Energy Has Never Been More Important

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine VAWT #3Slip back in time 30 years and you’ll see that the green movement was positively anti-nuclear. It seems strange that 30 years on some of the very same people are placing their hopes on nuclear power to stop the global warming Crisis. It may be that we have no choice other than to go Nuclear but “why aren’t we placing more emphasis on cleaner types of energy?” Some governments (Denmark is a case in point) have already come a long way in utilising cleaner and safer forms of energy including both wind farms and solar power systems. They have had great success so you have to ask why other countries are placing their hopes on Nuclear Power?

The old problems associated with Nuclear Power have by no means gone away. It is still an intrinsically dangerous form of energy and we still have no good solution to removing nuclear waste! What is holding us back from moving to other forms of energy?

The general argument is that the cost of moving to cleaner forms of energy is far more costly than sticking with fossil fuels. But what are the hidden costs of staying with fossil fuels or moving over to nuclear power?

It is common knowledge that our current fuel resources are running out. With the demand for energy set to increase there is only one possible result. Rising energy prices! On the other hand, the alternative energy provided by the Sun, Wind and Water is free and will be available for a very long time.

Harnessing the power of alternative forms of energy may not be cost effective at the moment but future developments will surely lead to greater efficiency. For instance, take solar technology. With semiconductor technology advancing in leaps and bounds, solar panels are becoming ever more efficient. It wasn’t that long ago solar panels could only be utilised effectively in hotter climates. Today, we see them being used in many different environments. Indeed, the science of solar technology has advanced so much people are investing in their own DIY Solar systems. If people think it worth their while to plan and build their own solar energy systems then why can’t it be done on a wider scale.

The financial considerations of sticking with current energy resources is not just limited to supply. We will have to deal with CO2 emissions or the removal of nuclear waste material, a cost that will be with us for many years. Alternative forms of energy like Hydro, solar and wind power are all clean and pollutant free. There are no hidden costs to pass on to future generations. The cost of short term thinking is a high price to pay for the future of mankind. Let’s keep nuclear power at a distance. The Sun would be just about right.

Creative Commons License photo credit: thingermejig

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