Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softly Friends from Cast-Off Socks and Gloves

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those mate less socks, old gloves and mittens? What is you could create some cool crafts from them instead of throwing them out?

The Japanese craft books, Sock and Glove presents thirteen delightful softy projects that are quick to make, and certain to amuse and delight. Full of individuality and mischief, these stuffed creations are all pieced together from ordinary socks, gloves, and mittens. Step-by-step illustrations and instructions make it easy to craft and dress a whole menagerie, including monkeys, elephants, piglets, bunnies, and fish.

Don’t let the projects fool you. The projects are addictive, fun, cheap to make; and they are full of personality and easy to customize. The book even has a gentle little story that weaves the reader through the menagerie of characters, far beyond your average sock monkey.

You will find that these stuffed buddies are easy to make and even easier to love.  Charming to adults and children alike, these unusual creatures make perfect gifts and inspiring companions. There is no way you can go wrong giving away these delightful beauties.

Sock and Glove is a winner in the eyes of many parents because it provides ideas for stuffed animal projects that are sure to be a big plus with the kids. Even Teachers and Bible School Instructors can benefit from having a copy of Sock and Glove.

Don’t hesitate to add this to your craft project book shelf. You will not be sorry. Now you really can so something with all those socks whose mates just disappeared.

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