Sleeping Beauties

The solution was so simple yet I never saw it. At the time, the sleep depravation was definitely clouding my thought process. When I first brought home my boy/girl twins from the hospital, I experienced so many different feelings. I felt excited, tired, scared, happy, and most of the time confused.

Why are they crying?

Why won’t they sleep?

What am I doing wrong?

All my twins did was cry, spit up and projectile vomit. Part of the problem was a formula allergy. There was also another issue. It took me a while to figure it out.

During the day my twins napped together in the pack and play. At night they slept in separate bassinets in our room. During the day they slept like hibernating bears, peaceful and motionless. At night they slept like monkeys, noisy and restless. Nothing seemed to soothe them at night. We thought of everything but the obvious answer.

Other people suggested waking them up during the day so they would sleep more at night. This was unsuccessful. They suggested having white noise to recreate the noise of the day. This was unsuccessful. They suggested having a light on at night to replicate the light of the day. This was also unsuccessful.

When the twins were 3 months old their cribs finally arrived. We decided to transition them to their own room. They still woke up every 2 hours at night so we were hesitant to move them. On the other hand we knew it was time to give it a try. We put them in the same crib since it was so large. The first night in their new crib they slept 8 hours! Finally I realized why they slept so well during the day. They wanted to be together.

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Cheryl Maguire graduated from Boston College with a bachelor and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a counselor in a variety of settings helping children and their families. She currently runs a web site called Swap Savers which is a social network for people who love coupons, rewards and savings.

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  1. MITYTHOMS says:

    Thank you for the great info here. Are you familiar with anything about black mold? We have some in our bathroom and I worry it might be making us sick. We have removed it many times using various cleaners but nothing seems to help. I found online somewhere else that black mold can cause you to have allergic reactions to other stuff that you were not at all allergic to before black mold exposure. Any ideas as to black mold treatment and/or how to get rid of it for good? Thanks.