Dreams, Kicks, and Anniversaries…

This week we had our second wedding anniversary.

It was supposed to be a “Cotton” Anniversary (which is also a symbol of prosperity).  Here are some of the symbols related to this year’s anniversary:

Color: Red (shouldn’t it be the 1st anniversary color??)

Modern Gift Ideas: China

Gemstone: Garnet

Flower: Cosmos

Celebration Ideas:

Anything made with cotton.
Cotton Club Themed Evening Together with some Jazz music.
Tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, theatre
Movie Night with the Wedding Video

“By the time a couple celebrates their second anniversary, they are more cozy with one another, making cotton the appropriate anniversary gift for this wedding anniversary celebration, ” states the website http://marriage.about.com/cs/anniversaries/a/wedannivideas.htm.

Now, let’s get back to reality.

Cotton is good, but… as an anniversary gift? I don’t think cotton has that much significance in our relationship.

None of us like jazz. Argenis doesn’t even know what the Cotton Club was and if I explained it to him it would go in and out of his head like a breeze.

All the good movies of 2008 already came and left.  We might try “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, but I’m not sure if a 3 hour movie that is not Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings, or Spider Man would be the best option to celebrate.

My husband doesn’t like concerts, sports (other than video games), or theater in general. Don’t even mention dancing to him.  He does enjoy a good cold piña colada and some Dominican rum, but that’s about it. In addition, I can’t drink any alcohol, be in a smoking environment, or bump around dancing as I used to a few months ago, so that is out of the question.  Being a date that we’re supposed to enjoy together, I wouldn’t want to force him to be in a place just to please me. (I’ll leave that for our birthdays next month).

We didn’t have a wedding, so we don’t have a wedding video. We went into the Court Room one cold January morning and it was all done in seven minutes. Since we were new in town, we didn’t have any witnesses, friends, or relatives. We do have a couple of blurry pictures that we had to shoot ourselves. All we have is the original marriage license itself, the newspaper announcement, and the first envelope addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Laura and Argenis Bilbao” received a few days later.  I keep these things as silent mementos of that unforgettable day when I dared to take the biggest risk of my entire life: marrying a guy I had only met in person less than three months before…

…after 6 months of chatting online.

And I don’t regret any of what I have lived with him.

Although, to us, the second wedding anniversary means that the worst is over.

That’s right, marriage is not easy, folks. Especially for me, because I never even lived by myself before, and for him, who never lived with a girl before (and a very different one than himself!).

We have been filling up an empty house by ourselves, with burned dishes (and almost burned kitchens!), weird neighbors (in both good and bad ways), colds, snow, discussions over who is messier, who never listens to the other, why we need to recycle, why we can’t throw away that dish that has been sitting in the refrigerator for two weeks now, whose turn is to fill up the gas tank, and how can a guy prepare a full meal without using a single knife or plate while a girl makes the same meal and the result is a kitchen that came out of Picasso’s mind.

But we have also filled it with plenty of love-making, praise over meatballs and resort-like breakfasts, showers together, pizza-and-a-movie nights after long days, lengthy talks about daily happenings and miss-happenings, bare- walking around the house, car rescues in the cold or in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night, back-rubbing and healing kisses for homesickness, praise over stupid little achievements (like the computer piece #5 that finally didn’t blew up or the drapes that took me three days to finish…)

Recently, the excitement over the ultrasound of a performing baby that is part of us and us staring at my belly being kicked from the inside by our very own son.

The house is now a home and it will soon contain a whole family.

We will enjoy these few months of “just the two of us” until little Ezequiel comes, and then it will be adaptation again.

I still don’t know what we’ll do to celebrate our anniversary, but whatever happens, I will enjoy it!


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  1. Hey, girl!
    As usual, you have blown my mind & done a fantastic job here! Good going! I am curious to know what you actually did end up doing, though! Maybe I’ll have a chance to talk to you about it soon!