Rise and Shine at the Right Time

IXS_4772I’ve been suffering from lack of sleep for severalmonths. I initially thought it was simply because of the stresses of work and the constantrush of adrenaline regardless of the time. I realized that my appearance and my ability to perform were very much compromised as an effect of the non-stop tiredness. My body was literally screaming at me to rest. I developed a few great ways to fix my body clock again and be much more at ease.

Setting the Clock

The body actually adapts to stress and other forms of activity quickly. I realized that from the moment I started doing overtime at the office and caught sleep at around 3 to 4 in the morning, my body also adjusted accordingly. I was only getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep daily and looking very tired. My brain was not workingas well either.

I got some nautical table clocks and placed them at different points in the room. This way I’d be able to know that it is time for bed. I usually get so busy that I lose track of time, thereby sleeping in the latehours. desk clocks are also equally useful especially when I’m doing paperwork. These give me very accurate information. Seeing the clock set at about 10:00 pm usually helps make me feel sleepier.

Get Sleepy

There are plenty of methods which helped me get sleepier such as doing physical exercise daily. Even though my work kept me very much busy through the rest of the day, I always did my best to find time and squeeze in a quick workout even for just 30 minutes. However, heavytraining and weight lifting are the most effective in making me so tired I just drop down on the bed and instantly dream off.

Drinking milk, reading a book or talking to someone on the phone is also a greatway to help yourself relax and feel sleep quickly. Soothing music and a mild backrub are also great ways that effectively helped me loosen up and just want to hit the sheets. atomic clocks can significantly guide you in watching time too. Always schedule your daily activities so you can budget and have enoughrest periods.
More Ways to Sleep

If you still do not feel like sleeping, try your best not to think about sleep. Counting sheep is actually a proven method that continues to guaranteeuseful effects, even for adults. If you do not fall asleep in 20 minutes, wake up, read a book or watch some TV. As soon as you start getting drowsy, try to stay up about 3 minutes more or just doze off right where you are. For more serious conditions, you may needto consult a doctor or take some medications to reset your body.

Other substitutemethods for sleep include hypnotherapy, counseling and group sessions. You can quickly relate with others who also have the same condition and together, develop ways to alleviate the condition. In some cases, the causemay be biological so you have to treat it with medical methods as well.

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