Use Your Imagingation To Create Unique Mothers Jewelry Gifts

Miniature presentsMothers have long been seen as the unifier and keeper of the family. A piece of personalized jewelry is a unique gift idea that can incorporate symbols of motherhood in a ring, pendant, bracelet or charm. The beauty and uniqueness of a mother’s jewelry piece is that it is made-to-order to your specifications. Since every family member has a different birthday, birthstones, favorite symbols or even personal messages can be added to jewelry items just for Mom.

With new types of laser engraving messages, even on very thin bands, can be highly stylized and yet remain easy to read. Giving a set of stacking rings to Mom with a personalized message from each child or family member is a great tradition to start. Mixing semi-precious stones, different types of metals and even different styles of bands together will create a very individual wide ring, perfect for any occasion. Mother’s rings with each child’s birthstone are popular for both Moms and Grandmothers and can be found in almost any style and metal imaginable. These rings are ideal when the family is older but can also be a great way to start a new mother out on keepsake jewelry. Some rings offer the option to continue to add stones and designs and this is an important consideration if the family is expanding.

For those with a creative bent Working with favorite metals such as silver or gold, along with gems, semi-precious stones or even different types of materials like colored glass or crystal it is possible to create a highly personalized necklace and pendant just for Mom. Free form jewelry that is developed by pouring molten silver or gold into a liquid and allowing it to form as it cools is also an option. Adding birthstones to the free form pendant can make a very striking necklace.

Beads of all types have also become a popular fashion statement and will continue to be for many years to come. There are several different bead companies that offer rare and original beads that can be combined with many different types of necklaces to add a unique and very original design. Each person in the family can select a bead that represents something in their life or in their relationship to Mom and put together a truly memory filled necklace.

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