Chores for Kids by Age Group

The younger you start teaching your children about household chores the easier it will be to get them into the routine of helping.  Even at two years old a child is able to help around the house.  There are age appropriate chores for all children and I’ll touch on those throughout the rest of the article.

For your 2-3 year olds let them help with making beds, picking up their toys, wiping up a spill, mopping a small area, etc.  Your children are eager to help at this age so although you might be in a hurry and want to just get things done make the time to let little hands help.  Not only will you be teaching them responsibility, they will also feel a sense of accomplishment.

For your 4-5 year olds let them help with setting the table, making their own bed, dusting furniture, carrying in the mail, and they can even begin to help in the kitchen.  Most 4-5 year olds love to play in water so let them help do dishes.  Just remember that they are little and will probably play more than anything but with your guidance a sink full of dishes can turn into some quality fun time!

For your 6-12 year olds let them help with vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, preparing simple meals, taking care of a pet and of course they are now old enough to start helping with the more physical chores outside.  Let them rake leaves, help wash the car or clean out the garage and of course there is always garbage to be taken out.

Your teenagers are going to be a bit more challenging but if you’ve been making them help ever since they were in the toddler years you will probably find it’s not such a daunting task after all.  Teenagers are able to handle more responsibility and should be able to do any task you tell them to.  Let them cook a meal, change light bulbs, wash windows, clean the kitchen or bathroom and they should even be able to do laundry by now.

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