If You Want to Look and Feel Younger, Head to Bed

Many women are concerned with how young they look and feel. There are companies everywhere marketing new products that claim to make you look and feel younger. The next time you are out and about take a look at the billboards, magazines or even the TV and you will see all the advertising for these ‘miracle’ cures. Instead of pulling out your wallet to purchase the next miracle cream or pill or whatever it happens to be, try getting some sleep. Yes sleep. A good night worth of rest has many benefits.

If you are looking at a sick person and a healthy person who are you going to pick that looks younger? More than likely you’ll pick the healthy person. Being sick can take a toll on not just your physical body and well being but your skin also. A sick person tends to look old and haggard. Probably one of the biggest side effects of sleep deprivation is that is causes a decrease in the functioning of your immune system which will cause you to get sick more often.

If you aren’t getting adequate amounts of sleep each night but don’t seem to catch colds or other illnesses a lot, it doesn’t mean you are as healthy as you could be. The deep sleep, or stage four, allows your body to restore and renew your bodily organs (the cells in them). The more sleep your body lacks, the more it causes your organs to not function properly which will take a toll on the appearance of you skin. To put that in a simple way, it means that you don’t look as good as you could.

Did you know that skin is your biggest organ? The determining factor in how old or young you look is your skin. Getting the proper amount of sleep each night will help the old dead skin cells to be replaced with new fresh skin cells. And this of course is going to leave your skin looking younger.

How you feel both physically and mentally is going to play a part in how you look. For example any time we don’t feel good, are depressed or just in a bad mood we don’t look as good. That’s because how we feel affects our body posture, facial expressions and other factors that determine how we look. If you are well rested and feeling good, you are going to feel younger and when you feel younger you look younger.

Each and every one of us is unique so the amount of sleep you need to look and feel younger is going to depend on you and your body. The recommended amount of sleep that an adult needs is eight hours and most people can function just fine on that. However, there are others that need to sleep nine hours a night to feel refreshed. So in order to keep yourself feeling refreshed and looking younger, head to bed.

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