Looking for a Weight Loss Supplement? Follow These Tips

It seems like the more I research dieting and weight loss supplements the more confused I end up.  Type in weight loss supplement into a search engine and you won’t even know where to begin because so many hits come up.  You’ll find product after product after product that claims to help you shed weight overnight.  And we’re not talking like 5, 10 or 15 pounds.  These products claim to take over 50 even 100 lbs in no time flat.  I think we are all smart enough to know that there isn’t a magical cure for taking off pounds sensibly.  It’s all about eating healthy and exercising.  However, if you are looking to ‘jump start’ your weight loss program you can do so with a quality supplement.

Now that you’ve decided to take a dietary supplement you will be faced with the decision of which one is best for me?  There isn’t one product that is going to work for everyone.  Here are some tips to keep in mind while trying to decide what’s best for you.

You’ll first need to ‘diagnose’ your problem and go from there.  To diagnose your problem you’ll need to pay attention to your eating habits and think about your weight loss goals (dieting goals).  Here’s a brief overview of the three main types of supplements available for weight loss.

The first that we’ll look at is an appetite suppressant.  Do you find that you are constantly overeating and consume way more calories than you should?  If you answered yes to this question you’ll probably benefit from an appetite suppressant.

The next is a metabolism booster.  If you’ve been cutting back on calories for awhile now but the pounds just won’t come off then it probably has to do with your metabolism and how fast you burn calories.  With a metabolism booster you will still be able to eat the same amount of calories but you’ll end up burning more and storing less which should help the weight start coming off.  And not only should the pounds start coming off, but you should also notice an increase in energy.

And last but not least there are supplements that help you stick to your diet.  Yes you read that correctly!  Some people just need something to help them follow that diet.  If you’ve tried the low carb diet or another one you may have found that it’s hard to stick to it.  With a supplement that helps curb your cravings you will be able to stick to your diet plan easier.

Any time you are dieting you should also take a high quality multivitamin.  When you are cutting calories to diet more than likely your body may be missing out on some nutrients.  That’s where a multivitamin can come in handy.

Once you’ve ‘diagnosed’ your problem and decided on what supplement will best fit your needs its then time to choose a quality brand.  Here are some tips to remember while searching for that good supplement.

It’s always best to go with names you’ve heard of.  It’s probably not that big of a deal to purchase your favorite store’s brand name, but you are probably better off purchasing a brand that you have heard of and that has been around awhile.

Don’t make a hasty decision.  Be sure to do your research.  It will take a little time and you’ll even have to play detective but it will be worth it in the long run.  Check online to see if you can find clinical trials that prove the product gives results, don’t just go by what you see on TV, especially an infomercial!  You want to verify that the information you are being given, via advertisements, etc is factual.

Check for contact information on the bottle, box or package insert.  Any company that is reputable will provide you with this information.  Make sure you know who to call if there is a problem.

Check for a certificate of analysis.  This means that the product has been analyzed to prove that the product is what it says it is.

Now that you’ve found the supplement that you think is best for you, you should talk to your physician.  And remember that all a supplement is going to do is help you jump start your weight loss efforts.  You still need to do your part and eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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  1. Nice post… There are so many weight loss tips and supplements being offered its hard for ad-weary consumers choose one. Your advice on finding one that addresses your particular needs is great!

    I recently posted on this subject and shared some similar advice. In the end, its up to each individual to find what works for them but this is a head start to success…