My Very Own Fairy Tale

The purpose of a personalized children’s book is to thrill and excite. An added bonus is that the first word a child learns to recognize in the learning-to-read process is their very own name.

What’s The Cost: $29.95

My Very Own Fairy Tale is a gift that is suitable to give to a child when she is born, until about 12 years of age. It will become a treasured keepsake for life. The child’s name, date of birth, and a printed inscription from the sender is included.

In this delightful story, the little girl is transported to a magical garden where flower and berry fairies crown her their princess. Each fairy brings one of the letters of her name and tells her about a wonderful quality that it represents. For example: the fairy who brings an ‘S’ says that the ‘S’ is because she is a smart girl. The fairy who brings an ‘H’ tells he that she is honest.

Cons: There is really no downside to this affordable and enjoyable product!

Guarantee: There is a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. If the customer is not completely satisfied the book can be returned and the full price will be refunded.

The Value : The value of seeing a child learn to read or seeing themselves as valuable is incalculable. The cost of only $29.95 for a gift that will remain a treasure for life is very, very valuable.

Where to buy:
My Very Own Name personalized children’s book

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