Maternity Card

The purpose of the Maternity Card is to help defray the expenses of having a baby.

What’s The Cost: Not Available. Prices are quoted when an application is made.

Those who are eligible for the Maternity Card are women who may become pregnant as well as those who are already pregnant.

For those who have no maternity insurance at all, the Maternity Card pays for Doctor Visits, Hospital Stays, Lab Work, Sonograms, 24 Hour Counseling, 24 Hour Nurse Hotline, Anesthesiologist, Pre Natal Vitamins, Newborn Tests and checkups, Immunizations and Prescription Drugs. The Maternity Card automatically expands to include the newborn infant.

Companies, even large International companies, sometimes exclude maternity coverage in their insurance benefits packages. Women need to check with their employers or their spouse’s employers to find out if they do, in fact, have maternity coverage. For those who already have maternity coverage that coverage will be the best option for them.

Cons: The Maternity Card only pays doctors and hospitals that are in their ‘network.’ The guarantee only provides that consumers will ‘break even’. For those who have maternity coverage through their hospitalization coverage, the Maternity Card will not be of value.

Guarantee: The Maternity Card by Affordable Healthcare Options (AHCO) guarantees that those who enroll will save more in a twelve month period than the cost of membership in the plan, or they will refund the difference plus $200.

The Value : Since there is no way of determining what the cost of Maternity Card will be for each individual, there is no way to determine what the value of it is. However, with the excellent guarantee, a person will at the least break even.

Where to buy: Maternity Insurance Card

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  1. Tia Harris says:

    Maternity Card by AHCO (Affordable HealthCare Options) claims that their program will get your medical bills reduced by at least the amount you pay them or they will give you your money back plus $200.00. I paid them $445.00 and they only reduced my bills by $125.00. They actually sent me a letter saying they would honor their guarantee and they were sorry they couldn’t help.

    When I called to find out when I would receive my money they said sorry not gonna happen and told me there was nothing I could do about it. This program is a rip off! Since I began writing comments about ahco online I received many emails from people who have had the same thing happen to them. It really isn’t a large amount of money, a lawyer would cost more than I would get back. So I guess they win.

  2. colleen ford says:

    I had a similar experience, they do not deliver what they sell. I was able to get my money back right away by disputing with my bank. Ahco was quick to take my money, but not so responsive when doctors inquired about their plan. As a matter of fact, they did not return 1 phone call UNTIL I decided to threaten a dispute. Too little, too late, and the most I was going to save is 10%, not the 30-50% they hyped. It was just too much work to get information from them once enrolled, for both me and the “participating providers”.Also, not one doctor’s office seemed to even recognize this plan, and questioned the validity, as well as their lack of returning phone calls.

  3. Michael Impson says:

    I actually used to sell the Maternity Card and had a lot of clients that benefited from it. The issue with the Guarantee is that you MUST pay your entire 12 months membership fee in order for your guarantee to be in place. IT IS A CONTRACT. I have recruited over 100 insurance agents nationwide that refer to MaternityCard, and the American Pregancy Association also uses them as a resourse. The reason is, if you are already pregnant, you can’t get insurance unless it is through your company. MaternityCard makes sure that you are not getting stuck with a bill that could be 2 1/2 times more than what it should be, which is exactly what statistics are showing uninsured patience are getting billed. I strongly recomend that you look into it. Just make sure you understand that it isn’t the ULTIMATE solution, but if you are already pregnant without insurance or welfare, then it is the BEST solution at that point. If would would like to speak with me, a licensed insurance agent, before you call MaternityCard, feel free to email me at

  4. James Baron says:

    The Maternity Card is a huge rip-off. Huge. My wife and I got pregnant during a period between jobs while we had no maternity coverage so the idea that the MC could get us huge discounts on our various medical bills was certainly attractive. What nobody tells you, however, is that the majority of doctors and hospitals offer substantial discounts to self-pay patients simply by asking…and the discounts are the exact same as those that the Maternity Card can obtain. In other words, by speaking with your hospital or physician’s billing departments directly you can get the same discounts for self-pay as they can, and it’s EASY. Case in point, Northside Hospital in Atlanta (the busiest maternity hospital in the country) offers patients a 40% discount for self pay and our doctor offered us a flat $2500 for his services from first visit to delivery to post-delivery check-up. Same with the specialist we went to. And when I brought this to the attention of Maternity Card they admitted that they could do no better. But then trying to cancel the Maternity Card is a huuuuuuge pain in the neck. You have to first pay for the entire year’s contract, then jump through about 4000 hoops and obtain 2000 different forms and pieces of paperwork from your medical providers….and all this while you’re dealing with a newborn in your life. Do yourself a favor if you’re going to self-pay….make a phone call and save yourself time and money. You don’t need the Maternity Card’s help.

  5. For those who do not have coverage Maternity Card is a very helpful and useful tool to have. Also, check with your homeowners policy, as you might be able to borrow against your policy to cover your medical as well, which is much cheaper to do then trying to pay out right for medical once you are expecting.

    Maternity Card has been an advertiser on one of my other websites for a year now, (they are inside the book) and I am greatful there is such a company there to help reduce the cost, even if it is slight or high, every penny counts.

  6. I’m not sure what everyone is talking about as far as not being able to recieve health insurance after they find out they are pregnant. As soon as I found out I was pregnant… I checked around for different insurance providers. If they required a test or physical examination before coverage… I looked elsewhere. I never said I was pregnant to the insurance company. I have health insurance… and it’s been covering me the past 6 months.

  7. T. Shimon says:

    DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS “COMPANY”. This is a BIG scam. I paid them $699.00 up front for maternity……submitted stacks of claims to them, as did the hospital…..what did AHCO do? DENIED EVERYTHING. So, I notified them, sent in the proper forms to get a refund, and today received yet another denial from them. I won’t be getting anything back….they TOOK my MONEY and ran. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of them. They are a RIP OFF. I plan on posting this comment on as many web sites as possible. I am even considering an attorney. Keep your money. You won’t get it back. I should also mention, that with the denial to give me a refund, they are telling me I didn’t send in the proper claims….I guess the hospital didn’t either….that’s ODD. Just DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maternity card from AHCO is a huge rip off, they are scam artists. Even if you do just through the hoops they set up, you will only break even. This is a waste of time, both the hospital and OB i went to were able to give me LARGER discounts than ahco was able to give just for being a self pay patient! Avoid at all costs!

  9. I called maternity card yesterday after seeing their ad in a major parent child magazine. I was told that they guaranteed to save me 50 to 70% on my bills and then more on top of that. If i paid them $699.00 yesterday i would have coverage in 5 days, which sounded great coinsidering I’m due in a couple of weeks. We have no maternity insurance and were told to expect between $10,000 and $15,000 just for the hospital, delivery and all included in having the baby. We have already paid $5,000 for my check-ups and lab so was deperate to get some kind of coverage but am glad that I checked this sight out first.

  10. Im one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t read this before applying for Affordable health care options also known as “the maternity card”. I just signed up decided it wasn’t for me 4 days after tried to cancel but could not get my money back. They’re customer service representatives were so kind, sweet and understanding when they were signing me up but when i decided to cancel they were rude, mean spirited and its one of the biggest mistakes of my life i feel so stupid!

  11. Ashley,

    Wait until the baby is born, your insurance company does the math, and you are required to pay them back for EVERYTHING. Every insurance company, unless it’s through your employer, and even then some still do, has some sort of waiting period for pre-existing conditions, and pregnancy is one of them. You are naive to think you can pull a fast one on an insurance company.

    Nobody follow this advice!

    Also, my husband is a lawyer who negotiates with medical providers every day. Previous posters are right…all you have to do is negotiate, and ask. Insurance companies pay medical providers a fraction of what they bill, so even if they give you a “deep” discount of 30%, it’s still way more than what the insurance companies are paying! Call willing to make an immediate lump sum payment, saying, “I will settle this in full and final payment right now for X amount of dollars.” They want to get paid, so 9 times out of 10 they’ll take it. Also, many OBGYN’s will let you pay monthly for your prenatal care. If you get pregnant w/out insurance, it isn’t the end of the world…giving some scam company $700 that you could put toward prenatal care is unnecessary.

  12. i was thinking about the medical card and im glad i read all these reviews first. i geuss i will not be gettingb the card. i want to get pregnant in a few months and i need maternity coverage. does anyone know where the cheapest coverage is?

  13. I had a baby 9 months ago. I called the maternity card because I got pregnant and had no insurance. I got it in Nov 2007 and they were only supposed to take money out of my account for 12 months and here we are 13 months later and they are still taking money from my account. They have messed up my bank account and have over drawn me. I would never recommend this maternity card to anyone. I was going to tell my friend about it because she is pregnant with no insurance. all I want them to do is to stop taking money out of my account. Does anyone know what I can do. Oh yeah they didn’t pay on none of my bills we are paying them all ourselves.Does anyone have any suggestions?

  14. I just got off the phone with a sales person, and the whole program reeked of scam. They give zero information in writing before you pay, butter you up way too much (ma’am you are in luck, we have no waiting list in georgia. that’s VERY unusual.), give no hard facts or discounts or network information, and talked about my needing to believe in the “trust factor” when I asked for information in writing. Any reputable company does not cut prices in half to have you pay up front. That was the reddest of the red flags to me. I was not surprised, therefore, to find the negative posts here. I’m staying far away from this scam but have already called my OB and received a 20-5% discount on all office visits and lab work as a self-payer.