Choosing the Right Plants for Your Garden This Year

Most people enjoy planting flowers and bringing a garden to life.  However, it is necessary to choose the right plants.  Thankfully there are experts available who can advise you as to what to plant and where to plant these items at.  They can also tell you about the plant’s sun, soil and water needs.  You will also hear what pests you should look out for.  Plus the experts can answer any of the other question that you may have.

You should know that it is usually suggested that you plant perennials.  This is because while they will only bloom for 2 weeks, they will return every year.  On the other hand, annuals will die after one year.  In other words, they will bloom in early spring, but then they will only last a few months.  They are less expensive than perennials but you will have to replace them every year, which is not very cost-effective.

It is also important to understand that there are 3 different types of annuals.  The first type is called “hardy” because they produce their own seeds and you can plant them in the early spring.  Some examples of hardy annuals include sweat peas and annual poppies.  Secondly there are “tender” annuals, which cannot withstand the cold so they have to be planted in the late spring.  Some of the types of “tender” annuals include marigolds, zinnias and chrysanthemums.  Third, and finally, there are also “slow” annuals.  These annuals will take a long time to grow before they will bloom.  Therefore, they should be planted in pots in the early spring and then transplanted to your garden once it is finally warm outside.    Included in this group of annuals are petunias and snapdragons.

Of course, the one type of flower that everyone wants to plant are roses.  They should have a minimum of a half day of sun.  It is also important for them to have shade during the hot afternoon.  This will prolong the life of the rose’s blooms.  Their soil also must drain well because roses simply do not do well in soggy soil.

Regardless of what you decide to plant and where you choose to plant it at, you should consult with your local gardening supplier to determine when the best time to plant your new flowers is.

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