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Do you think Free Coffee Mugs is really free?

Do you think Free Coffee Mugs is really free?

Folks, have you received any free coffee mugs before? Or, have you been in any event that offers these coffee mugs for free? I believe off and on, you should have right?

Well, I have my own fair share of free coffee mugs which lead me to think that, if you seriously think about it, it might not be really free. So, why do I say that? Think about it, when you get the coffee mugs, did the companies get you to do something? There is definitely something that you would need to do.

Usually, it is about buying a thing and then you get to trade in for a free mug. Other time, it would be about collecting a few vouchers that you would get when you buy the item.

I know some of you would received free coffee mugs in trade shows or exhibitions and you swear that you have bought nothing and so has spend nothing at all. It is really so, did you leave behind your name and contact and for some of you, your particulars. Now, while this might be nothing to you, it is money to the people collecting it.

What they are doing is to collect leads, and it is not surprising that some leads are being sold for $10 per piece. It all depends on the occasions that the leads is being collected.

So, if people are able to get $10 out of the information that you give them, the free coffee mugs is not really free anymore right? In fact, even without giving them this information, the time you send acquiring the free gift would have cost you some man hours and that is also a cost right?

Even if you use Mac Donalds man hour wages, you would at least be spending at least two hours on this free coffee mugs and at one hour $10, you would still need to spend at least $10 getting this free mug, so it is not really free, don’t you think so?

The last thing which I want to highlight is the need for the things. I have taken note of how my mother and wife seems to go for the free things, and then just leave them in the house without using them.

This seems to be the trend of hoarding things which we do not need. But, have you thought about the space in your house being able to use for a better purpose?

There you have it, the whole concept about the free coffee mugs. With the information that they can profit from and the time that you have to spend on it, this is a thing that is not really free. Moreover, the coffee mugs might be a thing that you would not use at all, so why bother to go for it in the first place?

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