Patio and Lawn Furniture: 5 essential cleaning tips

Summer is coming and you might want to start preparing your patio and lawn furniture for the summer. We automatically think of getting out the chemicals and to start cleaning. Wait! Stop and read this before you make any sudden moves. There are 5 essential tips on cleaning your lawn and patio furniture so that you can have them all looking spotless for summer time!

There are a variety of ways you can clean your patio and lawn furniture, but you must remember not to use environmentally damaging cleaners and chemicals. These chemicals can spoil the previous paint job or varnish, and ruin your patio and lawn furniture. It is best to use some items that you have in your home to get started. Baking soda, bleach and vinegar can be a great combination for cleaning your patio and lawn furniture. They are all good for different methods of cleaning, and you can even use them in your house to clean. But let’s get started with your patio and lawn furniture first and let summer begin!

*Use detergent and bleach to clean and wipe the dirt off your patio furniture. Let the bleach and detergent sit for at least one hour and then hose them down to rinse off excess cleaning product.
* Apply vinegar to a small brush or sponge and use it on your patio and lawn furniture. Vinegar is less harsh than bleach and it can remove old mildew on wooden furniture and decks. It can also remove mildew on plastic patio furniture and it is easy to work with.
*If your patio furniture includes lawn cushions you can clean them with a sponge and regular liquid detergent. You can also clean an umbrella table with this detergent.
*When you are cleaning the patio, it is good to use a pressure washer to get rid of all the algae that have accumulated and then apply a diluted bleach wash.
*You can use baking soda on the furniture that needs extra cleaning. Add some to a wet sponge and clean your patio and lawn furniture well. Then rinse your furniture down with the hose.

Now that your patio and lawn furniture are all clean and dry, you can sit back, relax with your favorite cocktail, and entertain your friends. Having patio and lawn furniture is always a fabulous addition to a backyard, and makes a house look more welcoming. Get your BBQ tongs out! Time to try out your sparkling patio furniture and have a barbecue! Let the good times roll!

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