The Ins and Outs of Water Births

Water births are becoming a lot more popular today because of the calming affect that they have on both the mother and her baby.  Although not readily available in most hospitals, there are many doctors and midwives who are learning the benefits using this method of childbirth.  It is important to discuss the ins and outs of water births.

As you know, there are a lot of unnecessary cesarean sections being performed today.  This may cause you to wonder if some doctors are in it for the money, rather than making the birth experience a memorable one for moms.  Choosing the method of giving birth is not only empowering, but allows a woman to decide the best and most safe way to bring her newborn into the world. Certainly, for most women the choices are easy.  Either you give birth in a hospital or at home, using a more soothing atmosphere.  Water births have recently been touted as a more modern approach to childbirth, especially for today’s women who wish to escape traditional influences.

The ins and outs of water births encompass many factors.  To begin with, water births are usually accompanied by midwives. They involve less invasive actions such as episiotomies. You can easily make arrangements with your hospital in case there are any complications.

There are no hospital bills to worry about. The level of noise is greatly reduced. Mother and baby never separate during water births. The entire family can participate, not just the father.

You will want to check with your insurance company to ensure they cover home birth expenses, such as the cost of a water pool which usually runs around $375.00.  You will also want to make sure that they also cover the cost of having a midwife present, if so chosen.  A water birth at home will require the parents to file the birth certificate on their own. If there is no midwife present, and complications occur, there may be a delay in emergency services, such as transport to the hospital or reaching the doctor.

The ins and outs of water births include many factors that you should consider, discuss with your doctor and then decide if it is right for you and your baby.  While water births can be a surreal experience for you as a mom, as well as calming and peaceful for the child, you have to weight your options to ascertain if this is how you want your child to be born.  Many women have raved about the benefits of water births and while giving birth in a hospital is just as safe, giving birth at home has become the norm these days, rather than the exception.

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