Opening your Swimming Pool after a Long Winter

It’s time to open the pool again and get your bathing suit on! It is best to ensure that the pool is safe for your family and all ready for tons of fun this summer. Check out these tips on how to safety proof your pool and get it ready.

If you have a built in pool or large pool, it is important to check out a few things out as you open it. Before you head to the pool, make sure you have all the right pool chemicals you need to keep the balance in your pool safe. Throw out old chemicals from last years batch because they might be ineffective by now. Begin to take off the pool cover and then clean the cover from top to bottom. It is going to be stored in your storage space or shed so it is best it is clean before it goes in. After it dries, you can then fold your cover and then store it for the summer season. Make sure you check and adjust the pH level as well as the alkaline levels in the pool water, and throw in some chlorine to get rid of any bacteria that might have grown. You then have to start using your pump and filter the water. Add the ladders back into the pool and remove all the plugs. Begin to start filling the pool up to its normal level, clean the pool, and check all the electrical equipment. Usually it is good to have the water circulate for three days until the water becomes clear.

Vinyl pools differ, and it is good to check for tears and rips as you open the pool up. If there are any tears or rips you can get a repair kit from any local pool dealership. Make sure you follow the directions fully and then the kids will be ready to start swimming in no time!

It is always good to make sure the pool is safe before your family enters it, so if you have any concerns ask your pool dealership. They will be sure to answer any questions you have about your pool. Whenever the pool is being opened, everything becomes exciting for the kids! They love having their friends over to swim and a pool can keep them entertained for a long time. Try having a few barbeques by the pool with friends and family this summer and bring the family closer together.

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