Tips for Keeping Your Online Shopping Experience a Safe One

It is now both natural and engaging to shop online. After all, computers and the latest technology afford you the opportunity to buy anything at anytime from just about anywhere.  However, you need to be safe when doing so. To this end, here are some tips for keeping your online shopping experience a safe one:

* Never buy anything from a company that does not have a phone number or address on their web site.
* Whenever you are making a purchase, make sure that you receive a receipt via email.
* Some credit card companies are offering virtual credit cards.  You should check into this type of service as it changes card numbers each time a purchase is made.
* Always look for the Veri Sign logo, BBB logo, and the lock on the bottom right corner of the website. This ensures the company is well known, and is using a method to conceal your information.
* Do not apply for credit cards on line. The company may be a bogus one.
* If you have several department store cards, and buy from them online, change your password every month.
* Research the stores you buy from beforehand. Ensure they are credible and have been around for a number of years.
* Shopping online and using your credit card unfortunately leaves you open to hackers. Make sure you have virus protection software installed in your computer, as well as a firewall.
* Change your passwords monthly.
* Clear out your cache every time you sign off.
* If you are using a cable modem, you should unplug the PC cable from the modem each night.  This is because you are on a network whenever you are using a cable modem.  As such, taking this step will keep any hackers from engaging in illegal activity.

If you are careful, you can shop almost anywhere online.  Just make sure that you keep these tips in mind for your own safety.

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