Activities for Dad on Father’s Day

A day off to relax and have fun sounds good to Dad! He needs one! There are so many activities you can do with your dad for Father’s Day and there are a few ideas below to get you brainstorming.

If your dad is a baseball fan he might enjoy hitting a batting cage for the day. He will love this idea and will enjoy hitting the balls out of the park. Tell him he has to wear his favorite baseball cap and team jersey to get into the spirit of baseball.

If you are trying to think of something really special for dad then maybe you should take him away camping for the day. You can go hiking, chit chat and maybe even go fishing if he is into it. Either way you can spend time outdoors which always brings families closer together. You can even surprise him with this activity and hide everything you will need for the day in the trunk. Just tell him you are taking him to lunch and then he will be surprised when you arrive at the campsite!

Fore! Does your dad prefer golfing? Then take him out golfing for the day! Even if you cannot play or do not know the rules, you can watch and learn about the sport with your dad. He will enjoy showing you his swing while teaching his kids the ropes.

You can always plan a surprise family picnic for dad and be waiting at your local park with food, drinks and a Happy Fathers Days sign. You can make all the sandwiches, prepare food the night before, and tell him that the kids want to head over to the park. Get your friends to get out their beforehand so it will be a lovely summer surprise for dear old dad!

A cool idea for kids is to put together a scrapbook for dad dating back to when he was a baby, up until the age he is now. It will be something your dad can always look back when going down memory lanes. You can even try to find out some of the old places he grew up and check them out. It can be great for the kids to see where their dad grew up and what he did at their age.

Any activity that you come up with will be a nice surprise for your dad and he will appreciate the effort you have put in. Just make sure he is having fun and can relax with his wonderful kids throughout.

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