Every Family Should Have these 10 Essential Camping Supplies

Thinking of going camping with your family anytime soon? Camping can be the adventure of a lifetime! It is very important to take along with you these essential items so that your camping trip can be a comfortable, yet safe one.

* Every family should have a tarp and tent to fit the size of family
* Clothing that is suitable for the season
* It is very important to have a first aid kit with you at all times
* Sleeping bags or other types of bedding
* A small camping stove, cooking supplies and charcoal for the bbq
* Items for personal hygiene
* Flash light and cell phone
* Snacks, food items, lots of water
*Cups, plates (paper are good and easy to dispose of)

If this is your first trip get excited! It really is an experience to be lived and you can enjoy anything from hiking to swimming in the lake or ocean. Hopefully the sun will be shining throughout your trip, but if it does get stormy your tent should be a protective barrier for your family. Most children love camping and to have a change from everyday routine back at home. They can enjoy barbeques and sleeping under the stars. It also can be very romantic for you and your husband if you are married. Camping brings families closer because kids and parents are not as distracted by video games and television. Families get to sing songs, go fishing, play games and enjoy the fresh outdoors and nature. What a healthy experience for your family!

Always remember to keep these 10 suggestions in mind when getting ready for your family adventure and also bring along games, cameras, extra pillows and blankets for colder nights and batteries for the flash light. When you are buying your camping gear make sure to ask the staff in the store about what you need and which is the best for your family. This might be something you end up doing every month or every 6 months with your family and you would like to know that you made the right investments in a tent and gear etc. Camping is very popular with kids and parents and gives a family time to re-connect when the every day hustles and bustle of life get in the way. It can also be the source of many stories and photo memories that you can look back on in the future and enjoy. Get your scrapbook ready!

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