Exercise is a Good Outlet for Stress and Anxiety

Many of us don’t make the time to exercise, myself included. After reading this I hope you change your mind and make the time to exercise! Not only is daily exercise going to help if you are trying to lose weight but it will also help make your life less stressful. Aerobic exercise can reduce anxiety and stress by up to 50%! Just imagine having half the stress just because of a morning workout or run! Obviously exercise can’t get rid of all the ‘to do’s’ for the day but it will help you cope with stress better. Still don’t think you have the time for daily exercise? Read on to find even more benefits to daily exercise.

*Exercise produces chemicals in your body that make you feel happier. Exercise also increases blood flow to your brain, which furthers a happy feeling. An increase in blood flow to the brain also makes you feel more energetic.
* More energy. The first few weeks after beginning an exercise program you will probably find that you feel tired, that’s normal. Don’t give up, stay persistent and soon you’ll find that your energy level has increased. A morning run or workout at the gym should help with those afternoon ‘slumps’ you were feeling before.
*Sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to reducing stress and anxiety in your life. A good night’s sleep not only refreshes your mind and helps you process information during the day but it also recharges your tense, achy muscles. If you exercise at night make sure you do it way before bedtime!
* Exercise allows you time to think. A lot of the stress we have in our life is due to our own mind. We find ourselves worrying about things instead of working and fixing the problems. Exercise will give you some alone time and you can focus on your thoughts and clear your head without a bunch of distractions. Once you are finished exercising you can get to work on fixing the problem(s) instead of worrying about it.

If you aren’t able to do aerobic exercise, or don’t think you are getting enough from just aerobics give yoga or stretching a try. These exercises are great for soothing sore, tense muscles and clearing your mind which in turn will help relax you. Yoga or stretching exercises can be done before bed without keeping you from sleep. In fact they will probably even help you sleep better.

Make a plan and make it a part of your every day routine. Keep with it and in a short time you will find that daily exercise just comes naturally. In no time at all you should start feeling more relaxed, less stressed and less anxious.

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