Tips to Help Improve Your Memory

We all know how important diet and exercise is to a healthy body but why do we neglect exercising our brains? The old saying “use it or lose it” is true when it comes to our brains also! Our brain is just like our muscles – if we don’t use them we lose them. It’s important to do daily activities to help keep our brains in tip top shape. If we don’t exercise it daily we will begin to lose important skills, especially the skill of remembering.

Exercising your brain is obviously going to be a bit different than walking into a gym to exercise our muscles but there are things that can be done to exercise your brain. To help keep your neurons limber here are some tips to follow.

* Read a newspaper. Well ok skip reading it and turn straight to the crossword puzzle. Or why not read it and gain some knowledge and then exercise your brain with the crossword puzzle.
* Sudoku puzzles. This puzzle craze is sweeping the nation! Sudoko puzzles are number puzzles and a great way to limber up those neurons! These puzzles work on building up your brain’s deductive reasoning skills. They are also fun and even addictive.
*Learn something new. Many people believe they myth that if you learn something new you will push out old information. This is not only wrong but silly. Your brains capacity is determined by how much you want to put into it. Try something new like learning to play a musical instrument, etc. A new skill, as long as you continue to use it, will help keep your memory accessing skills in shape.

Make sure that you don’t start skipping out on your physical exercise. It’s important to exercise your brain but it’s just as important that you continue exercising your physical body as well. Staying physically fit will also help keep your brain healthy as well. If you are unable to do strenuous exercise such as aerobic exercises a simple walk every day will still help keep your memory at tip top shape and slow memory loss.

If you are anything like you me, you probably think you don’t need to worry about memory loss until you actually start noticing it slipping away. The truth is, you should start right now while your mind is still sharp. There is no miracle cure to help bring your memory back but you can certainly help keep it from fading. In some cases, regularly working your brain has even warded off Alzheimer’s. To keep your brain in shape make sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get enough rest.

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