Nutrients & Supplements to Help Boost Your Memory

Memory and remembering things better is something that all of us would like to be able to do.  Students that have a test coming up would like to be able to remember things better.  Adults becoming more forgetful would also like to be able to remember things better.  The best defense is eating right and regular exercise.  There are natural foods and supplements that you can take in addition to eating right and exercise that will help boost your memory.  Aside from boosting your memory, the nutrients and supplements listed below will also provide some other great side effects.

* Choline.  Choline is found in fish (anchovies particularly), various nuts, soy, liver and eggs.  Choline produces acetocholine, which is the essential chemical in retaining memories.
* DMAE.  This also aids in the production of acetylcholine.  It is easily absorbed into the brain.  Most people prefer taking this in supplement form instead of eating anchovies or sardines.  It has been known to cause insomnia so make sure to take it in the morning.
* Vitamins.  Vitamins B and C are essential to proper brain function.  Vitamin B is believed to raise IQ scores even.
* Pyroglutamate.  Pyroglutamate is an amino acid used to improve not only your memory but also your concentration, coordination and reaction time.  You can find it in vegetables, fruit, fish and dairy products.
* Phosphatidylserine.  This chemical not only improves your memory but also helps with concentration, mood and your resistance to stress.  This is another one that you can get through diet but most people take it in supplement form.
* Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  Mackerel, salmon and tuna are the fishes most commonly known to carry your Omega 3 fatty acids.  Aside from fish these fatty acids can be found in nuts and oils.  These fatty acids boost the amount of acetylcholine and serotonin that your body produces which improve your memory and mood.
* Ginko Biloba.  While Ginko improves your energy and gives you an energy boost you need to be careful with this supplement because it can cause serious side effects.  It has blood thinning properties in it.
* Vinpocetine.  This supplement improves decision making and problem solving skills.  It comes from the periwinkle plant.
*Carnitine.  This is a form of amino acid that is an essential part of our bodies functioning.  It also has antioxidant properties.  Carnitine improves your memory and brain function.
*Glutamine.  This is another essential amino acid for brain function.  Glutamine is also an energy booster and can help you break your addictions to stimulants.

In order to have your brain in optimal functioning capacity it is best to get appropriate amounts of each of the above listed nutrients from diet and supplements.  However, if you get only one or two of these nutrients you will find that you feel better and that your memory is better.

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  1. I started taking a combination of several of these for mental clarity and felt it was a great help. The supplemetn I used didn’t have all of these but it does have a number of them.