Lego Storage Bins – Box4Blox Review

If you have a Lego lover or two in your household, then you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say those little things end up EVERYWHERE.

My oldest son is a big fan of Legos and although I’m not sure of the exact count of pieces he has now, I do know it is easily over one thousand parts. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, if Lego makes them, he probably has the set. I’m surprised that we’re not finding them in our cereal in the morning. 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think they’re an awesome toy and he really enjoys creating new things with them, but what I don’t like is finding them all over the house. He’s usually pretty good about keeping tabs on them, but when he does play with them he ends up dumping them all over the table or floor to find just the right piece – and from there it’s almost as if they multiply and grow legs at the same time and make their happy way under my furniture, on my countertops or inside clothes, which then ends up in my washer.

We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to store his Legos so it’s easy for him to grab different pieces without having to dump out a huge box of them. Well, I just found a solution that I think is ingenious and he loves it as well.

Solution: Lego Storage Bins

It’s called Box4Blox, a sorting storage solution made just for Legos. This 10 1/4 inch cube that’s made in the U.S.A and invented by Peter and Moira Botherway from New Zealand, has four plastic trays that stack on top of each other, but the really cool thing is that inside each tray is a grid of various sizes.

How the Box4Blox Works
Simply stack the four plastic trays on top of each other, starting with smallest grid working your way to the largest.

Load the assorted Lego pieces into the top tray. Shake the box gently while loading and all the blocks are automatically graded into a tray with blocks their own size.

Unstack the Box4Blox trays, starting from the top giving each tray a stir with your hand as you go. All the large blocks and base plates will be in the top tray, medium to large blocks in the next tray, the small to medium blocks in the tray below that and then those tiny blocks are in the bottom tray.

When it’s time to put the Legos away, simply tilt the assembled Box4Blox to expose the grids and place the Legos into the top tray over the exposed grids.

My son, myself and my vacuum thank Moira and Peter for creating Box4Blox. A great solution to our previous problem. Now I just need to find all of those blocks that strayed prior to Box4Blox – have an invention for that? LOL

Learn more about Lego storage bins.

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  1. Sara@photography san antonio says:

    This is a perfect gift not only to mommies out there but to all kids as well. You would no longer have a hard time looking for the pieces of logo everywhere because you already have a designated bin for it.