Coconut Oil and Six Reasons You Should Use it in Your Cooking

Many people have not heard of coconut oil.  We are used to eating the dried flesh of a coconut but we aren’t familiar with coconut oil.  At one time, coconut oil was used on a regular basis for cooking.  It has since been replaced with the oils that contain unsaturated fats.  Below you will find six reasons you should consider adding coconut oil to your cooking.

* Lowers cholesterol.  Saturated fats have been known to raise cholesterol levels and thus the primary reason coconut oil has been used less and less recently.  However coconut oil metabolizes cholesterol faster which actually reduces overall levels.  A study was done in a culture where coconut oil was uses on a regular basis and when these people were moved to a different area and they didn’t get coconut oil as regularly as before their cholesterol levels actually got much higher!
* Helps keep you young.  When you use coconut oil it stimulates your thyroid gland which in turn lowers cholesterol.  When your thyroid is working properly, it will use cholesterol to make chemicals that are a vital part of preventing disease and thus helps you from aging.
*Helps you lose weight.  As I mentioned above, coconut oil helps the thyroid work properly.  A thyroid that works improperly is one of the main causes of obesity.  Again we can go back to the cultures that use coconut oil and find that they don’t have many obesity problems!
*Helps prevent cancer.  Cancer can be reduced by increased thyroid function.  Studies have shown the occurrence of cancer to be lower, and in some cases nonexistent in areas that rely on saturated oils.  It has also been shown that cancer cases has increased with the addition of unsaturated oils into the diet.
*Helps prevent infections.  Coconut oil contains 40% lauric acid.  Lauric acid is a fatty acid found in breast milk.  The body converts it into a substance that fights bacterial, viral and protozoal infections in infants.  Your body has to do less work and will stay healthy when you have these chemicals.
*It has been used for a long time.  Tropical areas and even modern cultures have used coconut oil for many years.  Only recently have people started using unsaturated oils for cooking.  We are seeing (in the areas that have switched) cases of obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and other problems!  The cultures that are still using coconut oil today have way less of these problems.

Using coconut oil in your cooking is a wise decision to make.  Not only will it help you live longer but it will help you look and feel better.  Make sure the grab some coconut oil today!

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