Show Her She’s Special With a Gift of Mother’s Jewelry

mother_locketFrom necklaces and pendants to stackable rings and personalized jewelry, there is something that will make this Mother’s Day truly one to remember for your mother. Mother’s day comes but once a year but there are many things you can do to make each one even more special than the last. Why not out do yourself again with some great, quality and original jewelry to show your mother how truly special she is.

Mother’s rings celebrate a woman’s children with their names and birthstones – either all on one ring, or each child on a different stackable ring. Contemporary mother’s rings include Chinese symbols, which can be names, birth dates or even astrological signs, and other languages that provide a unique gift for your mom. Each time that your mom looks at her ring, she will remember her family. Make the rings truly personal with the names, dates, birthstones, or words that are most meaningful to her.

Mother’s rings with symbols in other languages to represent the children can be part of a family’s history, reflecting historical roots and ethnicity. If you would like a ring with historical significance, choosing a language that represents your family history can be especially meaningful to your mom. There are hundreds of choices available, including Chinese symbols.

Another popular gift for Mother’s Day is a mother’s jewelry pendant. Pendants typically have all of the children’s birthstones in order from oldest to youngest. If you are an only child, then you will be able to choose a simple pendant with only one birthstone. Many people also like to incorporate their mother’s birthstone into the pendant to signify family unity and to celebrate the family. Mother’s pendants can be worn around the year, but are especially seen on family holidays.

Name rings are also popular choices for Mother’s Day gifts. Unlike mother’s rings, which typically show birth dates or birthstones, name rings can be truly personalized to show the names of all of your mom’s children. You will be able to choose the language that you would like for the names to be in, as well as the metal. White gold is one of the more contemporary choices for a mother’s ring, although you will want to take your mom’s style into consideration before you make your purchase – you don’t want to end up with something she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing or that she feels conflicts with.

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  1. What an ingenius mother’s day gift idea! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on great mother’s day jewelry gifts. :)