Handmade Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

When Father’s Day comes to mind, most of us think of coming up with a creative gift or idea.  There are so many handmade gifts kids can make for their dad and there is no limit to the amount of creativity involved. Check out some of these creative Father’s Day ideas below and start putting together a fun gift this year for your dad.

* Kids can make handmade cards with all sorts of items such as noodles, glue, leaves, construction paper, white paper, board, crayons, markers, sparkles etc.

* Kids can make a picture frame with cardboard and colors, and they can even paint on it too.

* Mom can bake cookies and the kids can decorate them with ‘I love you Dad’ or little hearts.

* A tiny Christmas tree can be turned into a Father’s Day tree and can be decorated with a father’s day theme and with little handmade decorations and cards.

* If dad is an avid golfer then maybe mom could purchase a few golf balls and the kids can write, paint or draw on them for dad.

* Baking his favorite a cake and having the kids write how much they love dad on the cake will sure win his heart and stomach!

* Children could be creative also with streamers and balloons and create a sign for when he wakes up in the morning.

* Buying a white t-shirt in Dad’s size and letting the kids write all over it about how much they love their dad and why he is so special is a special gift. They can use paints, markers, crayons, sparkle glue and markers etc.

Dad’s always receive ties for Father’s Day, but if you want to try something different with the tie idea you could buy a plain color tie and let the kids decorate it for daddy. You could also buy a plain baseball cap and let the kids write on it and design what they want for dad. Another idea and activity that might be fun, is to get Dad’s favorite ice cream and get the kids to create a sundae for him with all his favorite toppings.

All of these gifts come straight from the heart and hold a sign of great appreciation and love. Dad will be happy with anything on Father’s Day, and most of all, wants to spend time with his kids who he loves. Handmade gifts are a special way to show you care!

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