Try These Outdoor Activities to Combat Cabin Fever

Your children have been inside all winter long and they are just about ready to burst.  Before they do, here are some outdoor ideas that you can use to combat spring fever.

Once you can smell spring in the air, you should open up your doors and let your kids outside.  They can run around your backyard for a while or they may want to engage in some activities to release all of their pent up energy.  For this reason, it is a good idea to invite some of their friends over.  However, before you do this, you should put out the soccer net and put up the basketball hoop.  Another great idea is to gather them all up and take them to your local park, which is a place where they will never run out of things to do.  If the weather is windy that day, you can take along some kites too. Another great idea here is to go biking or play baseball.  Do not forget your picnic basket though!

Some of the other things that you could do are go to the zoo or to a petting farm. You could also have your kids help you start preparing your garden.  Assign each of your kids a different task.  They will love getting their hands dirty while raking up leaves for in your compost pile.  You could also allow them to jump in these leaves, which is great because then the leaves will be torn up allowing them to deecompose quicker.

Another item that you may want to put in your yard this summer is a birdhouse or 2.  You can set up a table in your yard and allow them to paint it.  They can then decide where they would like to hang them.

These activities are great for your kids and for you too.  After all, you have more than likely been itching to get out and about yourself.  These are great ways for you to easily combat cabin fever with these activities.  Of course, these are just a few ideas.  More than likely you have some ideas too that you have been thinking about for the past few months.  Now is the time to get out there and enjoy them.

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