Ideas for Younger Kids on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming around again and your children are probably trying to think of something unique and something fun to make dad for this special day of appreciation. If you want to help them out, and give them a few extra ideas, there are some stated below for younger kiddies to get started on.

* Children can help mom bake something for such as his favorite meal or dessert. They can even make cookies with hearts and dad written on them.

* Making a Father’s Day breakfast in bed is loved by many Father’s around the world. To see there little ones coming in with a tray and all excited in the morning is sure to make their day.

* Kids can give dad a good list of errands or chores they will do around the house for the week.

* Kids like to make, create and mold things with there hands a lot so maybe they can build something for dad with legos or plastercine.

* They can make a special storybook out of paper and write how much they love daddy and what they love about him.

* Children can

* Kiddies can make a handmade card with crayons, noodles, glue and construction paper. They can draw pictures for dad saying ‘I love you Dad!’ which will touch his heart. There are templates for all sorts of cards little ones can make or they can just do their own thing.

* Mom can bake a cake and the kids can do all the decorating for Dad.

*Kids can dress their favorite teddy bears up with ties, glasses and a hat and put a little sign in front of the bears to hold.

It is sometimes easier to turn to the kids and ask them what they want to make for dad. This way, whatever they create will be something they are proud to give him. But if your kids say ties! They might need some help in the Father’s Day department. Father’s Day is all about making an effort and showing that the child cares and appreciates their father. There are so many ways your children can show their appreciation for Dad and the more there is a personal touch, the better. It is always good to have a few extra ideas on hand to present to them. Any of these ideas will make Father’s day a special day for Dad.

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