Need Stress Relief? Try These Natural Remedies First

It’s no wonder that so many millions of us suffer from stress!  In today’s busy society we are always on the go.  There are business meetings, kid’s sports, church activities and so on and so forth.  Stress is bad for our systems because it causes us to not sleep, leaves us tired, and even makes us look and feel older.  Stress is also an open door to various diseases and disorders.  It’s very important that we take time each and every day to allow ourselves to unwind for a few minutes.  Herbal remedies are a great way to relax.  There are many teas or natural supplements available on the market today that will help calm and relax you.  Let’s take a look at some of the more popular remedies that seem to be more effective.

* Lavender.  I remember learning about the calming effects of lavender right after I had my son.  He was a bit colicky sometimes and a friend bought me some baby body wash with lavender and it worked wonders on my son so I tried it on myself and it worked marvelous to help calm my nerves and help me relax.
*Kava kava.  This herb offers several different benefits.  It’s been known to help cure insomnia and ease anxiety.  It also is known for it’s stress relief and relaxation effects.  This is a pretty potent herb (similar to the drug Valium) so be cautious what you are doing while taking it.
*Reishi.  Sometimes when I’m under a lot of stress I notice that my mind tends to race, feeling like my head will explode if the racing thoughts don’t stop.  Reishi is a great supplement if you suffer from a racing mind.  It’s a herb that produces a calm, clear mind and will even help cure your anxiety.  A great benefit of this herb is that it doesn’t seem to cause you to feel sleepy or sedated.  If you have a hard time turning off your mind at night, this is a great herb to help you get the rest you need at night.

Keep in mind that you will not feel instant effects with herbs.  For example, most prescription and even over the counter drugs provide some sort of effect almost immediately.  A herbal supplement will require a longer period of time before you notice any sort of effects.  The benefits of herbal supplements is that they offer an alternative to drugs if you don’t want to take them.  Make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning any herbal remedy.

I’ve given you a couple different remedies to try to help calm down and relax.  One or some of these remedies should give you some relief to stress and anxiety and help you lead a more relaxed and peaceful life.

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