How to Clean your Ceramic Tiles

Cleaning the ceramic tiles in your bathroom isn’t always a delightful chore. It might be spring cleaning time and you have it on your list to do. It is always easy to procrastinate, but let’s get down and dirty! There are some great ways to clean tiles which can make it easier for you and you can get it done quicker.
Grout is one of the hardest parts of the tile to clean. It attracts some of the nastiest dirt and grime. If you want some tips on how to clean this dirt out effectively, look below at these suggestions.

It is always good to turn on the overhead fan if you have a small bathroom and wearing a mask might prevent you from inhaling any dirt. Leave the door open to the bathroom because you might get quite hot as you are cleaning. You will be doing quite a bit of scrubbing and kneeling, so it will be good to have something soft to place your knees on. You can use a cushion or you might want to invest in some knee pads.

After you have done this take a glance at the grout. If it still looks dirty you might have to try some other strategies, but do not attempt to use chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is not safe to work with and might cause breathing complications. The fumes might be damaging for the pets or your family to.

Oxygen bleach is a fabulous product for cleaning grout. When you buy it you will notice it comes in a powder form and it is non-toxic. You then mix it with water and then apply to the grout. You will find all the stains have removed from the grout and your bathroom will look just spotless. You will find it much easier to deal with as there are no toxic fumes to deal with. When applying, allow the oxygen bleach to sit on the grout for 30 to 60 minutes. Then begin to scrub the grout again in a light manner. You will be amazed at what this product will do. It is so easy to use because there are no fumes and it is chemical free. No painful smelly cleanings!

You can also use oxygen bleach on your counter and kitchen tops to make them sparkle. People that have used this product have given great reviews about oxygen bleach because it has no fumes, is easy to apply and it is chemical free. Start spring cleaning and brighten up your tiles today!

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