How to Know if you are at Risk of Developing Osteoporosis

Everyone is at risk of developing Osteoporosis and it is commonly developed when people get older, have severe lack of vitamin D and calcium, and live a life without constant movement. Osteoporosis can be defined as a disease that causes low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissues. It can cause an increase in fragile bones and the risk of getting a fracture. It is classified as a bone disease and can cause numerous issues and complications with arthritis. If you think you are at a major risk of developing Osteoporosis; here is some advice that can help you prevent the beginning of this disease.

28 million people around the globe are thought to be dealing with Osteoporosis and 200 million are estimated to have some form of the disease. Experts state that the way to prevent the onset of this disease is to have a bone density test performed on you when you are an adult. Exercise is extremely important when it comes to preventing the disease and it is smart to take daily supplements of vitamin D and calcium.

When we are older we can do strengthening activities and walking, which can help the muscles to stay strong and help prevent loss of balance, falling and fractures. Osteoporosis is inherited through t family genes and you can only do your best at stopping it from happening sooner.

Bone density tests have been recommended at earlier adult ages, but older people should be tested immediately. A bone density tests can tell you if you have lost any bone tissue. There are many medications available that can help with the side effects of this disease, yet it is also extremely imperative that you take 1200 mg of calcium a day while following an exercise program and eating well. Many foods out there have a high amount of calcium in them and these foods should be included in your daily diet.

It is always very important to take care of your bones and exercise daily. Some people find it beneficial to stretch when they wake up to get blood flowing through the body and keep the bones moving. Try not to be one of these millions of people that suffer with this and go get your bone density test done, as well as start living healthier. Exercise daily, eat a balanced diet of vegetables and fruit and take care of your body.

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