Daddy’s Little Helper

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Our four-year daughter enjoys the times she can come along side my husband while he works on a project around the house. Most of the time, she joins him in the garage. He gives her a small wrench, and she is convinced that she has tightened the bolts on the Volkswagon Beetle he is remodeling.
However, the other day my husband decided that he was a furniture expert. He turned the sofa on its side and began to pull the staples from the bottom covering. After he exposed the springs, he decided that he needed to remove the entire border in order to repair the springs.
“What are you doing, Lana?” I asked.

With her plastic tool in hand, my daughter looked at me without skipping a beat and said, “I’m helping daddy wreck your couch.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: greenkozi

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Some other bio information on me includes that I am a mother of 5, the first 4 that range in the age of 14 to 21, and then our 3 year old from Kazakhstan. I serve on the Board of “Our Creators Hope”, a ministry that raises funds to help couples adopting domestically as well as internationally.

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  1. Hello Beckie,
    That was very cute story.It is amazing what little kids say when you ask them a question.Have a good day.
    Love Ya Regina

  2. bathsrooms says:

    that story was so cute my little girl is the same but she is only 10month old so she cant even pick up a spanner yet lol


  3. Thats so cute. Don’t kids say it how it is! Reminds me of things my little girls come out with. I had to reply to a letter written by the tooth fairy by my 8 year old the other day. Questions such as “How did you know my tooth came out” and “what do yo need my teeth for” Think she might be getting wise!

  4. SenseiMattKlein says:

    Funny story. Little ones want to be just like mom or dad.