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Are you on Twitter? It’s the hottest new site around for meeting and connecting with people who share your interests. If you’re a parent of twins, you’ll want to connect with other parents and family members of twins. Fortunately, Jennifer Miller, who is @TwinHappyJen on Twitter, has compiled a list of Twitter twin parents on her site. Following is the list she had when I wrote this post, but feel free to head over to as she’ll continue to update the list as she finds more parents of twins on Twitter! By the way, be sure to follow me on Twitter. My Twitter name is @ParentingAuthor. And contact Jennifer through Twitter if you’re a parent or grandparent of twins and would like to be on her list.

@Dave21030 – This is Josie & Anna’s Daddy! He hasn’t really gotten into Twitter yet, but help me bug him to join in! :-)
@BeckyDMBR – I have twin girls who turn 5 in a couple of weeks.
@kristinalevy – I have 3 year old twin boys.
@DavidMTaylor – I’m a Dad of twins boys, both are 3yo (4 in July).
@luckyduck21 – I have 2yo boy/girl twins!
@marillionflower – I am a twin Mom. I have almost 18 year old boy/girl twins and 9 month old boy/girl twins.
@indigoeyes – Mom to 20month old (7/27/07) identical twin boys from SE Michigan.
@amber_eubanks – I help care for/raise my 1 year old twin nieces.
@brandi_b – I have 8 month-old twin girls.
@twinmama – I have twin boys who will turn 5 in July.
@appleandbutter – Four-year old twin boys who tweet! :-)
@Trish_HR – I’m a twin mom, b/g twins age 5.
@alikitty619 – I’m the Godmother/Nanny of 17 month old fraternal twins.
@tjstaab – Mum to twin toddlers.
@Joner – Mom to Twin Girls, age 10!
@brandibest – 2 year old ID twin boys!
@KJ_is_GFree – I have twin boys 3 yrs old.
@LucyWanless – I’m an auntie to one year old non-identical twin boys.
@littlebites – triplets + one
@cass1218 – I’m a stay at home mom to a 5 year old and 1 year old twins who have SMA type 2.
@youngmommy – Mom of Six!
@AmandaNethero – Stay at home MoM to twins.
@Multiplesnmore – A blog network that proves there really is strength in numbers!
@twincident – Mom to Twins!
@ontheupside – Mom to Four!
@Dad2twins – Dad2Twins!
@MommyAmy – Stay at home mom of twin girls.
@moonbake27 – I have twin boys 7mths old:)
@cahaning – Mom of Twins!
@JesMcKinney – My b/g twins are 21 months old, born on lucky 7/7/07.
@mom2wondertwins – Happy Mom of Twin Toddlers!
@thesingotrio – Mum to 13 month old twin girls and a 3 year old as well. I’m in England!
@gatortwins – Mom to 3.5 yr old ID twin girlie-girls!
@childsplayx2 – Dad of toddler twins!
@amyandrews – I am expecting twin boys in September!
@MichelleBlake – Mum of 4 year old boy/girl twins.
@LateshaBelmont – I have 5 month twin girls!!
@sjmokeefe – I have twin 3-year old girls!
@sandwichINK – Grandma to 5-year old twins!
@BabyDipper – I have 2 sets of twins! 4.5 y/o girls & 9 m/o boys.
@laviking – I have twin boys age 2 and will be turning 3 in July.
@Parenting Author – Mother of Twin Boy Preschoolers!
@tom_disabledvet – My wife is pregnant with twin boys, due in Sept.
@mrsizabel – I’m a mom of almost 2-yr old identical twin girls and 4-yr old boy.
@milenka79 – I have 29mo old g/g twins & a 9mo old micropreemie son.
@rhianaleigh – Mom to identical twin boys, two and half years old :)
@momtotwinsons – Mom to identical twin boys!
@cntrypmpkn – I’m also a twin mom…fraternal boys who are 5.
@lonestar818 – Mom to 7-yr-old id twin boys and a 4-yr-old boy :)
@Mombizowner – Mother of boy/girl twins!
@authorsara – I have twin boys :)
@littletechgirl – Mom to 2 sets of twins under 6yr
@Nyree_Dawn – Mom to twin boys!
@googhie – Mom to 2-year old twins!
@DiannaKennedy – I’m a Catholic mom to 4 beautiful children, including ID twin boys!
@RashelleReid – I’m lucky enough to be mum to two sets of b/g twins. Oldest 5 in July, youngest 7 months!
@HappyGrand7 – My son has 12 yr old twin sons & 3 years later my daughter had twin girls. The boys were born on the same day (71 yrs later) that their paternal g g grand had a boy & girl.
@andreaheryford – Mommy to 13 month old twin boys!!

P.S. I also posted a list of Twin Parenting Tips from Twitter parents at!

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  1. I am a mom to 3-year-old boy-girl twins! @typeamom on Twitter.

  2. When did your twins start talking?