Those Disgusting Pinworms

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Never say never because, don’t you know, when you do it almost always happens.  Pinworms are responsible for infesting in your child’s intestines.  The female pinworm stays in the upper intestinal area and slowly makes her way down through your child’s intestinal tract.  When it gets to the end she lays her eggs and your child will experience intense itching in this area.  Passed from person to person, mostly children, pinworms infest 10 to 40 per cent of children.  If you see your child having these peculiar symptoms, do not panic.  Pinworms, although disgusting, area reality, but they are easily treatable.  Instead of getting into a frenzy, take a deep breath and grab your clear tape.  You are going to be brave and stick a piece of this tape to the skin surrounding your child’s rectum.  This, ideally, should be done upon awakening in the morning before your child goes to the bathroom.  After you have done this put the piece of tape into an envelope and take it to your child’s pediatrician.  He or she can see if any pinworms are stuck to this piece of tape under the microscope.  If any are found a single tablet taken in two doses, two weeks apart will likely be prescribed.  All family members should also be treated as well.  All clothing and linens will need to be washed in hot water.  The household surfaces, toys, and other items should be washed.  A thorough vacuuming of the carpet and furniture should quickly take care of this little critter once and for all.  Good-bye varmint!

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