Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

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There is lots of different information going around about B12 and whether it can help you lose weight.  It’s hard to distinguish between right and wrong information.  So what’s the truth?  What is B12 and can it help you lose weight?

B12 is a nutrient that we get naturally in our diets.  B12 is one of the nutritients that our bodies need for proper functioning.  Someone with a B12 deficiency will have serious side effects to their body.  Look at it this way, if you are baking a cake you wouldn’t bake it without the flour would you?  Obviously not because when you leave one of the most important ingredients out, the cake just doesn’t turn out right.  Your body is exactly the same.  When your body lacks something as vital as B12 it just won’t work right.  This vital nutrient lets your body operate more effectively and efficiently which in the long run allows you to lose weight because it improves your overall health.

Another great thing about B12 is the energy boost it gives your body.  This obviously won’t take off the pounds itself, but it gives you the motivation to get up and moving.  And when we get up and move we know what the natural reaction to that is – weight loss.

Another weight loss helper is your metabolism and B12 boosts it.  What exactly happens when you have a boost in your metabolism?  Well you digest food faster and will burn more calories just sitting there.  And basic science tells us that the more calories you burn, the fewer calories you store as fat.  And when you increase your exercise level that will also give your metabolism an extra boost!

B12 shots tend to be on the pricey shot, about $65 a pop!  Our bodies all have B12 from the foods we eat so a shot isn’t necessarily the route to take.  In fact you can get more B12 in your system simply by adding it to your diet.  Start eating more things like salmon, trout, liver and clams which are high in B12.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of information out there regarding B12 and there are scientists that claim it’s not effective.  But there are thousands of people out there that say it helped them lose weight.  There is no magical pill or cure to losing weight, it’s determined by how hard you work at it.  But, B12 if combined with diet and exercise could just be that extra boost that your body needs to shed those extra pounds!

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  1. Barry McDonald says:

    Its always the way the scientist and pharmacists always put down natural methods when there isn’t a way that they can make money out of it.

  2. Scott Soloff says:

    Everything said here is true, but… I think that it may be better to
    get your b12 from vegetable quality sources. B12 can be found
    in fermented soy products, seaweeds, and algae such as spirulina
    and blue green algae. I think that getting vitamins from animal
    quality products just makes our bodies lazy and consequently
    weaker. Just a thought.

  3. B 12 has helped me lose weight. I have lost 15lbs in about 2 months while taking B 12. I also walk a mile a day for my exercise. I take the vitamin once a day. The vitamin can be bought at your local GNC store.

  4. Robert Neil says:

    Scott is right about Spirulina – it is an excellent source of B12, as well as Amino Acids and B Complex Vitamins. My wife took Spirulina right through her pregnancy and while breast feeding. My daughter, who is now 13, has taken Spirulina since she was 6 months old. So, it is totally safe. But make sure it is Organic as this is the best quality.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards,

  5. Logo Designers says:

    My fiancee and I have a consultation with a doctor for b12 shots tommorrow – the goal is weight loss (this appointment is for a woman; I’m going for emotional support) She has a thyroid issue; dont know if that comlicates things…..some ppl say b12 has no effect on weight loss, some ppl say it works wonders…i’m wondering what is a realistic goal for losing weight when combined with reasonable diet and exercise?

  6. Jessica Diets says:

    With the b12 shots I lost alot of weight, I will tell anyone to take them and I had alot energy to work out.

    • hi i have just gotten B12 pills seem i get sick all the time, but did not know it help on losing weight which i need to shed 100 lbs any ideas on how to do this what did you all do to help advance this b12 & weight loss? how long does it take until i start seeing B12 working on the weight loss? also started weight watcher club too – need advise on losing weight please

  7. Great weight loss motivation tip. It is always easier to stick to the healthy meal plan if one’s energy is up. We recommend getting as much of the 3 important B vitamins form raw foods as possible and supplementing the rest.

    Las Vegas, NV

  8. i am thinking about getting the b12 shots to help me get some engery so i can work out alot more wondering dose the shot help in way and is it safe to take.

  9. I have taken the the B12 shots since July 3, 2008, I have lost 32 pounds so far.
    I have more energy, my skin looks and feels better.
    Taking the shot does not work alone! You have to work at it also, you have to eat right and exercise, or else youre wasting your time and money.

    The shot works great.

  10. WeightLoss Coach says:

    I’m trying to have weight loss, maybe will give this a shot as I tried others before that won’t gave me much effect..just hope this might help me alot.

    WeightLoss Coachs last blog post..Lose Fat Without Changing Your Diet

  11. Inspirational Chris says:

    Hmm, I am not so sure it’s smart to focus that much on B12 if you want to lose weight. It has the effect that it increases the appetite. For instance, many bodybuilders are using it to manage the big food consumtion. But there may be pros and cons. Just a thought.

  12. Weight Loss Diet Blog says:

    I certainly believe with good motivation basically anything can be achieved. Especially weight loss. Pounds and pounds can be shredded off with some hard work and motivation. as the article mentioned, Vitamin B12 boosts your metabolism and in turn your motivated to do more and more. that’s how I believe Vitamin B12 helps you reduce weight. Nice article. Cheers

  13. best weight loss programs says:

    I haven’t seen a lot regarding B12 and weight loss but I have had many people tell me that it definitely gives them energy. My mother has sworn by them for years.

  14. Acai Cleanse says:

    I have not heard much about B12 relating to weight loss…but this is very useful information you provided…thnks for that…

    I took acai berry to loose weight and it helped me a lot….I believe both Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C helps to loose weight quite a lot….


  15. Fat Loss 4 Idiots says:

    I’ve been taking B12 for some memory loss problems a few years back. I didn’t know much about losing weight with B12. Thanks for sharing this article!


  16. Chicago Realtor says:

    I thought B12 is helping with the eye only, I only takes the multi vitamins if I remember, now I will try to get a bottle of B12 and try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Dofollow says:

    I agree, vitamin B12 is used in many “natural fat loss pills”. I might be wrong, but B12 is something like acid.

  18. Another interesting article from your blog :) When will it stop….hopefully never

  19. Daytona Beach Movers says:

    B12 is good for health in general. It provides energy for the body. Spirulina is also a good source for B12.

  20. holsitic Weights says:

    I never really considered the role B12 has in weight loss. I always assumed being on a diet, that is restricting your intake and excerising, which increases your cal usage results in weight loss

  21. I thought that B12 is a fish oil. Anyway, thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

  22. Weight Lose Pounds says:

    Acai Berry is also a good natural way of having a weight lose. Lose pounds and feel healthy again. Acai Berries are genuine from Brazil.

  23. I suffer from Crohns Disease and have had the ilium which absorbs B12 from foods removed. So I am left taking B12 injections for the rest of my life. Without the injections I get extremely tired and I am off balance and stumble alot. Soon after taking my shot, I feel the effects with in a few hours. I can say that without my shots I would not be able to keep up with my boys and keep my house like I do.

  24. how to stop cravings says:

    I have never considered B12 for weight loss, but if you are low on B12 supplementation is giving a boost energy which itself can lead to weight loss, because you are now finally doing a lot more activities. Apart from the costly injections, I have head, that nasal spays with B12 are quite effective. Oral and sublingual B12 is apparantly not working for everyone.

  25. Stroller Travel System says:

    I don’t think taking B12 shots is strictly necessary with a good diet. You can find B12 in many nutritious foods, such as almonds, and soy products.

  26. Green Tea To Lose Weight says:

    B12 is very important for maintaining internal systems of our body.It present in dairy products.With good motivation basically anything can be achieved,especially weight loss.B12 is helpful in weight loss, thanks for such a nice information about vitamin B12 and weight loss.

  27. If you are getting the B12 shots, how long can you take them for and would this have any adverse reaction with long term use?

  28. Liquid Vitamins says:

    This was great information on b12. There are so many benefits, besides weight loss, to taking b12. Energy and brain clarity are a definite bonus. Plus the various anti-oxidant benefits keep your body’s systems running at optimal performance. There are really no good reasons not to include b12 in your diet.

    Thanks again for the post!!

  29. Anna M. Bond says:

    Hi. I would like to tell which products contain B12. B12 is found in meat (especially liver and kidney), fish, eggs and dairy products. As a source of vitamin B12 can be enriched with them products: for example, for vegetarians, such a source of dry breakfast, brewer’s yeast and yeast extract, fortified cereals and products of cereals, as well as special additives. In many countries the food industry to add vitamin products such as dry meals, chocolate bars, energy drinks.

  30. Well, B12 doesn’t necessarily helps us to lose weight, rather exercise is the real deal.

    And I pretty much don’t believe eating contribute to weight loss.

    However, any vitamin is good for our body.

    Here are some of foods that contain high amount of B12:
    clams, oysters, mussels, liver, fish eggs, octopus and fish
    .-= John Legwinski´s last blog ..Weight Loss Plans – 6 Factors That Proved To Be Crucial =-.

  31. B12 does contribute to our energy and metabolism. I’m not sure how much supplementation helps. Here’s a recent post on some new links to causes of obesity –
    New Link To Obesity Found

  32. magent link says:

    In order to lose weight 2 things are important metabolism and diet.If these two are ok then huamn tends to the normal weight.Everything else is bad for our health.

    • Obviously b12 is a great contributor to weight loss, since your view is that metablolism and diet are important. B12 helps with metabolism and many body functions. You don’t realize how beneficial b12 is until your truly severely deficient.

  33. Dual Action Cleanse says:

    I never really considered the role B12 has in weight loss. I always assumed being on a diet, that is restricting your intake and excerising, which increases your cal usage results in weight loss

  34. Most people I’ve known who went this route lost a ton of weight fast, but then when they went off it, they gained it back just as fast as they’d lost it. No thanks!

    I’ve lost 75 lbs over 2 years. It’s slow, but I don’t diet, AT ALL. I work out 5 days a week and I track my calories online. I can have a bad weekend, I can enjoy holiday foods, I can eat carbs and I don’t gain back a thing because it came off the right way. Lifestyle change is the only long term fix for a weight problem.

    • Kind of interesting, that you have witnessed people gaining it back with b12 utilized in diet. I’ve seen MANY of my friends, acquaintences, and co-workers use this method and keep it off for 10 plus years!

  35. B12 is an awesome supplement generally overlooked by many because there isn’t a bunch of hype surrounding it. It can contribute significantly to an overall energy boost and sense of well being.

    It’s inexpensive too. Just be sure to get a sublingual B12 supplement for proper absorption.

  36. Lee from handmade jewelry says:

    I am new here and for me eat healthy foods and exercise everyday is the best solution in loosing weight but as I read the other comments about B12 maybe this could be true. But slow diet for me is the best way.

  37. Original Hemp Hearts Lover says:

    Well you have me sold on the “hair grow healthier ” part about b12, Jennifer. I am all about healthy hair and nails!

  38. Interestingly this may apply to only certain people. People who have weight issues in the family may find it harder to lose weight than other who dont have weight issues in the family. So I personally think that such medications depend on the individual it self.

  39. Sheryl@HoodiaHealth says:

    Isn’t it amazing how one vitamin can affect your health so much. Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin that you really do need for optimum health.
    I have changed my diet over the last month and making an effort to get all my vitamins and minerals and I really do feel much better for it.

  40. Acai brazilian says:

    There are Good Fats and There are Bad Fats
    Saturated and trans-fats should be avoided as much as possible. You can boost your immune system by eating foods that contain omega fatty acids, things like olive oil and fresh fish ( You can boost your immune system by eating foods that contain omega fatty acids, things like olive oil and fresh fish (also good for hair and nails!).
    Avoid the farmed fish if you can.

  41. Chase Peterson says:

    Exercise and strict dieting can do magic if you are trying to lose weight. I did a lot of cardio just to lose weight.::’

  42. Jacob Patel says:

    When you reach menopause, you may need some hormone replacement therapy just to stay on top shape.’.;

  43. whoa $65.00 for B12…that is definitely more than I expected, but for all the benefits this vitamin gives, it definitely seems worth it to me

  44. Joan @ How To Lose Weight says:

    For us women it is so important to get the right types of vitamins in our system. My doctor has told me that without the right nutritional balance, as I age I will get more and more deficient in my vitamins. I’ve made sure to start exercising more and getting my fair share of water each and every day. Great article! Thanks!


  45. Unless you are deficient in vitamin B12, supplementation with it is not going to have beneficial effects on your health or metabolism.

  46. I started taking b12 pills which dissolves under you tongue a week ago. Since that time I have dropped 3 pounds and I have more energy. I also find I have a diminished appetite. I actually hate to exercise and I already religiously follow a “diet menu” so i was at a dead end. I’m not sure if it is psychological and I don’t care! I am loosing weight and feel great. For all this overweight moms who have been dieting for ever I say it’s cheap, safe, and maybe it will work for you too! Good luck

  47. I can’t stand these things like salmon, trout, liver and clams which are high in B12, so I rather choose to take the B12 shots. And you’re so dam right about weight loss. There’s no any magic pills, It’s all about how much calories you can burn and stop eating that junk food. I know for sure if person who wants to lose weight would go for a 30-45 minutes walk or 15 minutes jog every evening and would stay away from MacDonald, they would lose weight for sure!

  48. I just thought I’d give my story as an example. I gained 70 pounds when I was pregnant with my son. I weighed in at 350. I slowly got down to 325 from July ’08 to April ’11. My sister-in-law showed me a B-12 supplement she had been taking. She claimed it gave her energy. Since I felt like I was always tired, I started taking them. I now, 7 months later, weigh 174 lbs. That’s roughly 50 lbs. As far as eating habits, I eat pretty much whatever I want. I changed from regular soda to diet soda. Hopefully soon, I will kick the soda habit all together.

    Take this information for all that it’s worth. I started taking the B-12 2500 mcg and last week changed to the B-12 6000 mcg. I’ll try to let you know in a few months how it’s going…

  49. can u take too much b12?

  50. Hey all,
    I think you are all missing the point here. The only “need” for people to be on b12 supplements is those who are deficient. B12 definency should be monitored with a medical physician. And should be up to them to decide whether you need it or not. A general multi vitamin including B12 is more beneficial then solely focussing on that. A clean lean diet and exercise is what will give you good results in losing pounds. You shouldn’t just think it takes a pill/injection to help you lose the weight. not only do you eat well and include exercise but you have to get it through into your head and motivate yourself! There are amazing food that can give you this in other ways and some as simple as miso soup.

    Well there’s my two cents