A Patriotic Necklace

A Patriotic Necklace

Memorial Day will soon be here, and what better way to show your patriotism than a star necklace with a penny in the middle.


Red, White, and Blue construction paper




Hole punch



Start by cutting out three stars. Making sure to make one big, then the next smaller, and the last one even smaller so they can stack on top of each other while still displaying the patriotic colors. Using your glue, secure the stars together. Allow a little time to dry. After your star is completely dry, glue your penny, Lincoln head up in the middle of your stars. Using your hole punch, make a hole at the top of one point, making sure not to make it so close to the edge that the stars rip or tear. String your yarn or ribbon through the hole and tie at the end.

There you have it, a fun, creative way to display our flags colors and show our patriotism.

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