Confessions of an Un-Crafty Mom

It’s Monday and I’m at the alternative parents’ playgroup. Anna holds up a crocheted dinosaur she made for her son and passes it around the circle of moms.

“Oooh… ahhhh,” people exclaim at this adorable creation. The dino is ridiculously well-made, being made of her son’s favorite colors.

“What a show-off…,” I think.

I assume other mamas are feeling the same way. Maybe when this charade is over we can bond together in our uncraftiness.

Or so I thought.

As Anna puts the dino away, the whole group is buzzing with energy. Everyone chimes in with their latest sewing/knitting/crocheting/DIY projects.

“I made Parker a cape with a P on the back.”

“I crocheted Miles this pair of wool pants.”

You see, I can’t knit. I can’t crochet. Heck, I can’t even sew, whether it’s with a sewing machine or doing a simple hand-stitch. Give me a needle and thread and a two pieces of fabric and I’ll blankly stare at it and hope it goes away.

But I want to be crafty. I just don’t know how.

After lamenting my uncraftiness for a few weeks, I become proactive. I ask the moms if we could organize a craft night where we take turns making crafts together. They’re into it.

I did some research and discovered that you can make a lot of cool stuff really easily. (Some of you may be thinking, “Well… duh.” But this is a news flash if you’ve never been crafty.)  You can make bath bombs from citric acid, baking soda and witch hazel. You can make baby leggings from old socks. The list goes on and on…

There are websites dedicated to people like me, the uncrafty who desperately want to be adept at using a sewing machine.

So, if you’re like me, take heart. We’re in this together.

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About Sarah Valek

Sarah Valek is a freelance writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has written numerous articles on alternative parenting and the challenges of raising a vegan child in a meat-eating world. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and art from Ithaca College. She spends her days drinking soy lattes and taking her son bird-watching.

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