Cloth Diapers: An Unlikely Addiction

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Before I had a baby, I thought there’d be nothing pleasant and exciting about diapers. Diapers meant nothing good and I assumed all moms hated anything having to do with diapers.

Boy, was I wrong.

Apparently, diapers are thrilling to many people. There are many online forums dedicated to showing off and trading cloth diapers stashes. Some mamas treat diapers as collectors’ items, working hard to get the perfect stash. One particular diaper brand is especially sought-out and retails about $30 a diaper (not including the cover). And don’t even mention disposable diapers in these forums. Cloth mamas hate those with a passion.

Silly? In retrospect, yes. But I was a cloth diaper addict at one time-though just for a few months… until my bank account dwindled.

I started out with a modest set of prefold diapers and covers. My stash worked for me but as I did more research (i.e. shopping) I saw more cute products I couldn’t refuse. Pretty soon my baby’s diapers became personal. His stash was more a reflection of my style than what was practical for him.

Then I asked myself, “What’s the point of getting excited about something that’s meant to get soiled and stinky? Will my baby really care if he’s peeing in a designer dipe?”

Of course not.

So I downsized. My stash isn’t pretty but, hey, it works. If you have the money, go all out and buy cute diapers. But know that diapers are diapers, and as always, do what works for your family. And, you know, as cute as though $30 diapers are, the $2 prefold diapers work just as well.

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