Twins in Kindergarten, Same or Different Classrooms?

In 2 weeks my twin boys will be starting Kindergarten. My boys are Fraternal Twins and most people don’t even know they are twins when they first see them. One twin has light blond hair and blue eyes and the other has dark blond hair and brown eyes. Then they really don’t think they are twins when they observe their personalities. They are total opposites! I have even had total strangers in stores argue with me about how my children can not possible be twins because they are so different. Hey they are simply twins because I was pregnant with them at the same time and they were born on the same day. They were born at 11:30PM naturally (OK with lots of drugs but not a C-section). I have often wondered if Twin B had been born after midnight what people would say? I would tell them yes they are twins, but they were born on different days, they look totally different, and they have totally opposite personalities. That would really throw people off.

In my other life before my children I was an Elementary Teacher. I had always planned to put my twins in different Kindergarten Classrooms because I wanted them to have a chance to meet some other children and develop their own friends. Over the summer we had to move from Texas to Minnesota because of my husband’s job transfer. Now I feel like I am faced with some other factors in my decision to put them in separate Kindergarten classes. Since we just moved to the area the boys do not know anyone yet. Heck I don’t know anyone yet because we have only been here a few weeks. The longest conversation I have had is with the lady who did my nails! I think I have decided to place them in the same class together for Kindergarten and see how it goes. If everything goes well and we actually survive Kindergarten than maybe they can be in different classes for 1st grade. I am just hoping that Mommy does not get called to the Principal’s Office because some one has done something terrible to the teacher. In my experience Teacher’s kids are either the perfect student because they know their Mom or Dad will kill them if they get in trouble or they are terrible. My boys are usually much better behaved for everyone else except their own parents. I will keep you updated with how K&C do in Kindergarten.

If you have multiples and have any experience with Kindergarten please share your experience. Did you place them together or apart? How did things work out?


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  1. Susan M. Heim says:

    I had to laugh at your observation about your twins almost being born on different days because that also happened to me. My twins were born naturally at 11:31 and 11:43 PM, and my husband kept wanting me not to push with the second one because he thought it would have been so cool for them to have different birthdates! I also agree with your observation that twins are better behaved for others. Whenever I visit my boys’ preschool classroom, they suddenly cling to me and won’t participate. The teacher says they are great when I’m not there. My twins haven’t started kindergarten yet, but in my experience from talking to a lot of other twins parents, many of them have found that though they were apprehensive about separating their twins at first, it almost always turned out very well as the twins were able to grow more as individuals and develop friendships. As you’re new in the area, this would be a good opportunity for them to find friends and not to rely on each other for companionship. The first week may be rough, but then it will most likely work out well, especially if you explain the situation to each teacher so they can urge your sons to make friends. Good luck to you!

  2. Denise Cuestas says:

    I also have twin boys, 5 years old. They, much like yours are very very different. We are planning to have them in separate classrooms for Kindergarten next year. I would be interested to see how yours did in Kindergarten this year. Do you have problems with the kids feeding off of each other? It seems with twin boys the activity level doesn’t just double, it multiples exponentially!

    (I have the opposite situation…I moved to Texas from Minnesota!)

    Denise Cuestas

  3. Hi,
    I am co president of the Orange County Parents of multiples Club and have 5 yr old b/g twins. They will start k in Sept. 08. I was researching for an article for my clubs newsletter and came across this site. I am really torn, though I think I am going to keep my kids together. There is no real reason I can see to make them separate from each other when they will already be separating from the family. They have been doing well together in pre school; so well, you probably wouldn’t know they were realated until I walked in the rom to get them. I really think it is best for them. The only real info I got from my research is; all kids are differnt and parents should have the final vote.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Pamela Brown says:

    My fraternal twin girls also start Kindergarten in Sept. I just went today to register them. They are in the same preschool, have the same neighborhood friends, but do I or don’t I put them into the same class. At preschool they are in the same class. I drop them off and they go in seperate directions with their own friends. Of the 4 sets of twins, they are the only set not seperated as they do not rely on each other. Is a mother or father of twins could give me some help I would appreciate it. I listenen to others (not multiple parents) when my girls were born and put them in seperate cribs. I should have kept them together at the beginning! Probably would have gotten a bit more sleep. Anyhow I lood forward to any comments.

  5. Susan Heim says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I’m not sure that I see a problem here…your girls are wonderfully independent. I’m assuming they play together at home, but they feel comfortable playing with others in the classroom and neighborhood. As long as they both have friends and are happy, I don’t think you should be concerned that they’re not as “bonded” as some other twins. Many parents struggle to “unbond” their twins because they exclude other people and only want to be with each other, which can be socially unhealthy. I think you should be very proud of your twins…and of your parenting skills. You’ve done a great job in raising two very well-adjusted girls!
    Best wishes,
    Susan Heim

    Susan Heim’s last blog post..My Little Zoo

  6. esther paul says:

    i am a mom of almost 5 year old identical twin boys. i am also in the dilema with my husband with decideing to put them together or not in kindergarten in the fall. i was actually writing a letter to the school requesting them stay together when i cam across this website. my boys have never been apart. they actually do really everything together. we feel seperating them would be very traumatic and would inhibit their learning ability. we are not sure what will happen but we’re gonna try it out and see what happens and maybe next year they’ll separate. not even sure about that yet either. would greatly appreciate any insite in this if anyone would suggest.

  7. Pamela Brown says:

    I spoke to the girls’ teacher and she thought I may keep them together for Kindergarten. They will be in a new school with new people etc., it may be an easier transition for them to stay together at least for the first year. I am a twin also and I think my sister and i were in the same kindergarten class but I know for sure we had different 1st grade teachers. Hope this helps.

  8. I have 7 yr old twin boys. They have been in the same classroom since they began school and that was when they were three. Right now they are in 1st grade and still together. I always thought it was a good idea to have them together so I can just deal one kind of homework, one teacher, etc. However, this year I have decided to separate them for next year. The reason being because they are constantly tattling on each other and it has driven me crazy. ALso I think since they spend so much time together they at times get frustrated with each other and it seems they need their space. Hope my experience helps you.

  9. Navjeet says:

    Hi! I have twin boys who are going to be 6 this year. Initially when they started going to kindie they were in the same class. One would always cling to the other and they were not socializing with anyone other than themselves. Both of them have different personalities.The teacher suggested that we split them up. That was the best thing that happened. Now, both of them are doing great in school, have made friends and are independent. I strongly suggest that twins be placed in different classes. We need to treat them as we would if we had singletons.

    I hope this helps.