Baby Shower at 20 Weeks Pregnant?

I received an invitation to a baby shower this week. The baby is not due until Mid January. The baby shower is September 8th. I find this odd but maybe I missed some new baby shower memo that said you are supposed to have your baby shower when you are 20 weeks pregnant! The new Daddy to be is a friend of my husband’s from work so I will of course send a gift. They found out they are having a girl and it is their first child. Don’t most people have their baby showers much later? I know with twins I had mine at 34 weeks pregnant which I have to say was a bit late for comfort. I was so afraid I would have them before my baby shower and that I would miss probably my one and only baby shower. I made it for the shower plus 3 weeks! But when is the perfect time to have a baby sh0wer? I think with multiples it should be a little earlier but with one baby shouldn’t the shower be at least within 2 months of the due date? Maybe I am wrong it certainly wouldn’t be the first time and I know not the last time I will be wrong. When did you have your baby showers? Is there baby shower etiquette? I know people love to have baby showers and play fun games with the Mom’s huge belly, you certainly can’t do that at 20 weeks pregnant. So what do you think?

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  1. I personally didn’t have a baby shower (I hate being the center of attention and my family and friends knew that I didn’t want one) but to me I think baby showers would be great around the 7 to 7/1/2 month mark.

  2. Maybe she is having the baby shower so early b/c it is more convienent than having it later. My daughter is due the mid of January but I’m having a shower when I’ll be only 24 weeks pregnant. Reason being I’m gonna be to busy before the baby comes to have it any other time.

    Oct- My son’s first b-day and Halloween
    Nov- Thanksgiving
    Dec- Christmas
    Jan- BABY’S HERE

    See no time other than sept. I can relate is all

  3. Ideal time for a baby shower is 32 to 34 weeks pregnant, which gives mom-to-be plenty of time to make any returns or exchanges that might be necessary, get everything washed, assembled, set-up, etc., and also to make any final purchases she might need to before baby arrives.

    Sometimes extenuating circumstances call for a baby shower sooner, but the problem with a baby shower at 20 weeks is the season – clothing in the stores in September will be for Fall, not much good if Baby is coming in the middle of Winter!

  4. TwinBoysMom says:

    I can understand if you are busy and need to have it early. So I know there are reasons for having them early.
    I think people used to not have them as early maybe because of worrying they might bring bad Karma on the pregnancy or something.
    I have got my baby gift so I am ready for the shower next week.

  5. I’m due at the end of January and I am having problems trying to plan dates for 3 baby showers. Between the holidays, hunting, a wedding shower, wedding, work holiday parties, and birthdays (4), I am thinking of having one in the beginning of October. I also think this is too early, but it is that time of year!

  6. Baby Diaper Cakes says:

    That is a challenge for all expectant moms whose babies are due in January. The holiday season is so busy that fitting in a baby shower can be a real problem. I say there is nothing wrong with having it a little earlier under these circumstances. OR, consider having a “Welcome Baby Shower” once the little one arrives.

  7. Sometimes it is not a matter of choice, but necessity. My friends have scheduled a baby shower for me when I will be 23 weeks pregnant. One of my friends is going out of the country on a mission trip for 2 months this summer. By the time she gets back, all of my friends will be on vacation and it will be a month before I am due. Not to mention, she cannot wait until a week before she leaves because she has to get ready for her trip. I am extremely thankful that she is even trying to throw a shower for me, no matter the time.
    Maybe your friend is in a situation like mine.

  8. With me, I’m not even due until April 1st but my husband is in the Coast Guard and we will be moving on Dec 10th. My family is wanting to throw me a baby shower sometime in November. I think it’s early but I can completely understand. I know my whole family won’t be able to travel 7+ hours and I shouldn’t be traveling when I’m that big. I’m just thankful I have a close family that wants to be involved:)

  9. I’ll be having my shower at 24 weeks pregnant. I’m due in February, but my shower will be in November. We think it’s wiser to get the shower out of the way before all the major holidays. Also, we get nasty winter storms here in Illinois, and half the people wouldn’t be willing to drive a long distance in a snow storm, it just makes sense. There is no “rule” to having a baby can have it when you wish..

  10. I was happy to read some of these posts because I am having a dilemma. I am a teacher, I am due May 6, our spring break is the week before I am due, and I live 26 hours from all of my family (husband is Air Force). The only other time I can fly out for a shower is over Christmas break, at which time I will be 21 weeks. I was freaking out that this is way too soon, but it’s the only time!! I am glad to see some others are having or have had their showers early too.

  11. Who cares when you have the baby shower! Does it really matter if you are 20 weeks are just about due when it happens? it should be up to the mother to be when she wants to have it she is the pregnant one and knows what is going on in her life! so i say let mommy choose!

  12. I think that if it’s a baby shower that mommy is planning then she should fit the shower in around when the time is right for her. On the other hand if it’s a surprise baby shower then she really gets no choice, although close friends and family will know her well enough to judge when the shower should take place.

    At the end of the day it’s mom’s shower so let her choose (early, inbetween or near the end of her pregnancy) it really dosent matter as long as mom enjoys herself.

  13. Hey everyone. I thank u all for leaving comments cause i felt crazy when it was decided that i will be having my shower at only 27 weeks. My due date is in febuary and i was scared that if i have my shower after the holidays that for anything that i may need there wont be much time for me to go out and get it. I live in ny and the winters could be rough. So we have decided for it to be in nov.