Keeping First Things First

I set the alarm clock for 5:30 am. It rings, but I’m usually so tired I turn it off without realizing it. I wake up about an hour later, already late for what I need to accomplish. Take care of self: choose between 20 minutes of exercise or a longer shower – forget the makeup. Take care of husband: fix breakfast, prepare bag lunch – he’ll have to find matching socks on his own. Take care of the children: dress, feed, brush hair, supervise morning chores. Take care of the pets: make sure the children did their morning chores. If it all goes rather smoothly, I sit down and take a breath before jumping into the next activity. If it doesn’t, I don’t sit down.

As I write out the routine, it’s easy to see what’s missing, or rather, Who is missing. Where is the time spent with the Father, seeking His guidance in the day’s activities? He knows what challenges will arise, and He knows how to handle them. A bad attitude, a sick puppy, a scraped knee – He’ll give us the peace and wisdom to deal with every situation if we just seek Him first.

How do we give the Lord first place in our lives? By deciding to do it. Make an appointment with Him every day and keep it just as you would an important visit to the doctor. Use that time to pray and read the Word and to get to know Him better. He loves us so much and wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives to give us direction, wisdom, and hope. How can we afford to do any less than keep Him first?

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