Bebe Belay – All In One Holder

I recently had the opportunity to try out a really neat product from stay at home mom, April Klein.

Ms. Klein, owner and creator of Bebe Belay spent many long hours fine tuning her multifunctional baby accessory. Not only does Bebe Belay make lives easier for parents, it’s also an ingenious product.

The Bebe Belay is described as the instant bib, baby bootie connector and pacifier holder all in one. A little imagination and this adorable little holder can come in handy for other things as well, such as keeping the baby’s mittens together or even holding toys to another object to keep the baby occupied.

The plastic clips that are located at each end are semi-locking which means they can be pulled free with increased pressure. This is designed for safety measures to prevent pinching or strangulation.

My sons are no longer infants but I wish I had a few of these holders around when they were. After looking over the product I began thinking of different ways it could be used when they were no longer needed for young children and I decided to use it in my pocketbook. I hooked one side to the inside of my pocketbook and hooked the other to my house key. It worked wonderfully and I didn’t have to go searching through the bottom of my bag to find the dang key.


The Bebe Belay retails for around $8.00-$10.00 and they come in 10 various color/patterns.

Be sure to check out April’s website for more information on her great product.

Way to go for this Mom!

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