Top 5 Things to Teach Your Kids about Cooking

Far too many people grow up believing that they cannot cook, because they weren’t exposed to cooking as a child. They believe that cooking is some kind of magic that people can either do, or they can’t. By exposing your children to cooking at an early age, you can instill in them the experience that they need to be confident in their own abilities, before they start to believe that they are hopeless in the kitchen. Here are the top five things to teach your children about cooking that will help them enjoy this hobby for the rest of their lives.

1. Cooking is Fun as Well as Practical
The most important thing to teach your children about cooking is that it is not just a chore, but a fun hobby. The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and cooking alone or as a family is a rich and rewarding experience. Kids will easily take to cooking when they see what fun it is to watch their own creations take shape before their eyes, and how the whole family can enjoy what they create.

2. Everyone Can Cook
With patience and experience, everyone can create a delicious meal. We all have different strengths and weaknesses – some people are better at baking, others have a flair for roasts or other cooking techniques, while still others have a flair for unusual combinations of flavors and spices. Don’t let your children get discouraged if they have difficulty with one cooking method, but encourage them to try new things and to hone their skills.

3. Practice Safety at All Times While Cooking
Children should learn safety from the time they first enter the kitchen. Teach them how to cut safely, how to handle hot pans, and what to do in case of an emergency. Food safety is also important, from washing their hands and tying back their hair before starting to handle raw meats and other sensitive foods.

4. Cooking is Creative – Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
The best cooks are the ones who aren’t afraid to try an unusual pairing or an exotic spice in their meals. Encourage your child to experiment with different flavors and textures. Even if one dish doesn’t work out, he or she might have learned something useful for making the next meal.

5. Take Pride in Your Cooking
Cooking is a really valuable talent, and children should be proud of their creations in the kitchen. Encourage your kids to share their cooking creations with friends and family members. Let them be responsible for one part of a meal every week, and let the rest of the family know what they have done. Cooking gives kids a real way to take part in running the household and to contribute in the meals everyone enjoys, and they should be proud of that ability.

Teaching children these five important things about cooking will help them learn to love to work in the kitchen, and can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment that they’ll never forget.

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  1. Kids today spend way too much time eating fast food and don’t really know much about shopping for groceries. We need to spend more time teaching our kids about cooking and preparing meals at home and encourage them to experiment. They may find food they prepare tastes better and is more fun than fast food.