Bubble Bath Magic

Chaucer really had some good ideas...hmmm
If you are feeling particularly stressed, take yourself away from it all with a bubble bath.  There is something about water that calms the nerves and a bubble bath has been known to have a powerful effect in decreasing stress.  Do something nice for yourself once a week and de-stress with a bubble bath.  To have the perfect bubble bath go all out and do it up right.

You will need some items to make your bath extra special.  Gather up a couple of fluffy, towels, white preferably, some candles, your CD player and some relaxing music, your bubble bath, and a bath pillow.  Fill your bathtub up and be generous with the bubbles.  Light the candles.  Put your music on softly.  Dim the lights in your bathroom, if possible.  Now climb in, put your head back on your pillow and close your eyes.  With the music on, the lights low, the flickering candles, and warm bubbles surrounding you, think of absolutely nothing.  Nothing.  Let your mind wander back to your happiest memory or your most touching moment and think of that.  Take yourself back and indulge in the happiness.

When you finally are able to pull yourself away from all of this, if possible, lie down and take a nap.  You will find that you will have the best sleep ever because your body is so relaxed.  This little time that you give to yourself might seem self-indulgent, but for all that you do for others, you deserve it.  Further, when you give yourself this little pleasure that costs nothing but time you will in turn be a better person, a better mother because you have given yourself this time to calm your soul.

Creative Commons License photo credit: A.D.A. ~ Anna Duncan Art

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