How to Choose Shorts for Your Size

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Shorts season is upon us. Are you ready? Aside from swimsuits, shorts might be the trickiest clothing item to buy. In order to look good in shorts, you have to buy the right style for your body type. But which style is right for you? There are so many types of shorts to choose from: capris, short shorts, Bermuda shorts, shorts with cuffs… the list goes on and on. Don’t fret. Get to know the basic types of shorts and then follow these sizing suggestions to find the right styles for you. Don’t fear shorts. Maybe this year your shorts will actually work for you, rather than against you.

If You’re Short… Go With Shorter Shorts

You don’t have to wear traditional barely-there “short shorts” if you’re petite. Just wear shorts that are shorter, preferably with an inseam of four or five inches. Shorter shorts lengthen the leg, creating the impression that you’re not so small after all. Shorts with five-inch inseams are long enough to cover any upper-thigh flab but short enough to work for you. If you’re short and curvy, opt for mid-thigh length shorts that flare away from the body and aren’t too tight. You can pair these shorts with heels or wedges to gain additional height.

If You’re a Plus Size… Get Shorts With Some Length

If you’re plus sized and are of average height, look for forgiving knee-length shorts or capris. Straight-cut Bermuda shorts are a good choice. Look for solid colors and shorts with flat fronts and a lower waistline. Pleats and elastic only add to the frump factor by making your stomach look puffy. Couple this look with wedge sandals to add some extra length for a totally slimming look.

If You’re Tall… Go With Mid-Thigh Length Shorts

Since shorter shorts elongate the leg, you’ll want to look for mid-length shorts or capris if you’re on the tall side. Shorts with cuffs or shorts that roll up are an especially good choice because they visually break up the leg and add curve appeal to stick-thin legs. Avoid wearing heels and opt for flat sandals instead.

If You’re of Average Height and Weight… Go With Mid-Length Leg Shorts

Shorts with an inseam of seven or eight inches are universally appealing. If you want a no-fail, no-fuss solution, or you’re not sure which body type you are, go with mid-length shorts. These shorts make you look taller by showing some leg without revealing any common problem areas, like the upper thigh.

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