How to Host a Baby Shower

You are hosting a baby shower? Now what? You can also host the party with a few other friends if you like. If can be a fun party to plan with friends and stir up loads of excitement for your expecting friend. It can be a surprise or it can be known of weeks before. Whatever way you want to do I, it will be a great party to welcome a new life into the world! Let’s start by looking at these hosting suggestions.

If you are thinking about how you will invite guests and who you will invite, it is always a good idea to run the list by the mum-to-be or a family member of hers. You can invite friends by phone or email. If they are email users, make sure they are people who check mail regularly.

Written invitations are a great way to set the theme or tone of the baby shower and the guests can keep them around the house as a reminder of the party. Check out local stationary store for creative ideas or you can even make them yourself. Remember to include all the information needed for the party such as who, when, what and where. You can provide your guests with a list of gift ideas and ask them to let you know what they chose to give the mom-to-be.

Ask the mom-to-be or family and close friends if you should do a co-ed baby shower or keep just as the girls. Nowadays things are quite modern and the men join in the party. It can be either way. It doesn’t have to be a cutesy theme and you can keep the theme so it applies to both sexes and the celebration of a new life. Dad-to-be might truly want to be there in the celebration and gift opening along with friends and family. So make sure you ask around on what would be the best way. You can include fun games in the baby shower for men and women. You can put out a nice spread of food, snacks and finger foods for everyone.

Where should the baby shower be held? There are numerous places a host can hold a shower. It can be in your own home or you can rent a space. It can be in a rented hotel room or space for the evening or day. You can hold a shower at the mom-to-be’s favorite restaurant. It all depends on how much money you can spend on the baby shower.

The baby shower is usually given a month or two before the baby is born. It gives mom-to-be time to organize and get ready for her new baby and the time to shop for products or items she did not get at the baby shower. It is best not to hold the baby shower close to the due date because you never know; he or she might make an early entrance!

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