How to Help Your Child Stay Dry at Night

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It is not uncommon to run into more potty problems when you are potty training at night. One of the usual night time potty problems that parents have to deal with is bed wetting. Usually, children outgrow this stage when they’re 5 to 6 years old. But this can be a long wait, if you don’t tackle it at the start.

However long it takes, you should try to create a positive atmosphere during this process. It takes time and patience, but if you maintain an open communication with your child, you would both be able to easily cope with the demands of night time potty training.

To make the transition from daytime to night time potty training easier, here are some helpful tips to speed up the process:

1. Accompany your child to the potty before his bedtime. It’s a good idea to empty his bladder before he goes to bed to avoid night time wetting.

2. Put a night light beside your child’s bed. One of the reasons why a child wets the bed at night is because he’s afraid of the dark. If you suspect that’s the problem, a night light would alleviate his fears of the dark.

3. Pull-ups would be a good substitute for a diaper. If your child is not yet ready for a grown-up underwear at night pull-ups can provide a helpful transition. Your child can use the pull-ups the same way as a grown-up underwear, but pull-ups can also absorb large amount of leaks at night.

4. Remind your child to go to the potty at night whenever he needs the feel to go. Remember not to nag or reprimand. By casually reminding him, you are reinforcing the importance of night time potty training.

5. As an alternative, put a potty seat in his bedroom. If he finds it frightening to go to the bathroom at night, a potty seat in his bedroom would solve the problem.

What your child needs to master night time dryness is your 100% commitment and support – that includes patience. Be reassuring, because this is a normal part of your child’s development. Reprimanding or punishing your child whenever he wets his bed at night would only cause him distress and potty regression.

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