Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough

We all have those days.  The days when nothing is going right.  You are late for work.  The kids are giving you a hard time.  Another bill came in the mail.  You realize that you are going to need a new roof, new tires, and surgery.  Hang in.  Hold tight.

When you are experiencing a particularly rough day…or week here are some thoughts to ponder and some ideas to take note of.

  • You have been through rough moments before and you are still here in one piece.
  • Go take a nap.  Things will look a little brighter when you wake up.  A lack of sleep makes things worse.  Your coping skills are better when you are rested.
  • Jump in the bathtub and relax yourself.  Think things through while you are in there.  Put your energy into coming up with a solution instead of worrying.
  • Count your blessings.  Look around you.  Look at your children.
  • Hold on to your faith.  Cling to it and pray.

Remember, that this too shall pass.  You will look back and realize that you are stronger than you realize.  You will prevail and become even stronger when it is all over.

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  1. It’s so hard to go on with your life, especially if you’re facing so many problems. You can’t even find way to relax. Indeed, you’ll become stronger but will it really be over? A problem is now resolved then another problem will come up again. Life is actually full of struggles, its up to us how to handle everything.