How Can I Instill Reading In My Child?

To raise a reader it is best to start early on in life.  Start reading to your child as soon as possible.  I read to mine before he was born.  Every day.  Keep reading to your child as often is as convenient to you, but frequently.  Keep reading to them and most children will learn to love reading.

I read to mine every day.  As he grew he would get excited when he saw a book.  When he was 11 months he would crawl to his bookshelf and pull himself up, select a book and crawl back to me with his book in his hand.  Extremely verbal at an early age he would say what each picture was when I pointed to them and asked, “What is that?”

As they grow, continue having “story time” every day.  Ask your child to read to you even if he has not learned how yet.  He will tell you what he thinks the pictures mean or if it is a favorite book he will probably remember what you have read to him.  Let your child select an inexpensive book at the store every so often.  Let him build a library at home.  Take your child to the library often and help him to get his very own library card.  Show him how to care for books.

Your child will most likely grow up to become a book lover given all of the above.  Start early.  You will be glad that you did.

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